Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Lilian passed yet another traveler through the airport screening, it was late and there were only a few people left to get through the security checkpoint and it had been a long day.

Her legs throbbed, after almost 30 years on the job her legs always gave out near the end of the day.  She took the last sip of water from her bottle and put it in her purse under her podium and called forward the last person in line.

Now looking out over the empty concourse at the end of the day she finally had a chance to set her heavy frame down on the stool.  She checked her watch and looked over to the supervisor to see if they were done for the night.

A slight nod from him and she was done for the night.  As she stood up the doors to the concourse suddenly opened and a single man headed towards her.

“I’m sorry, we’re finished for tonight, you’ll have to come back tomorrow.” she called out but they continued coming.

As he arrived at her podium she put up her hand, “I don’t want to hear it, the gates are closed, there’s nothing I can do, my hands are tied.” she said as she looked up at the man.

All she saw was the glowing red eyes, they drew her in and she almost stopped breathing.

She felt a heat run over her body and suddenly everything felt tighter and she watched her body start to pull inward.  As it did her uniform started to take on a slight shine. 

Before she could comprehend exactly what was happening her head started spinning.

Lilly looked up at the boss, “Like, oh my god boss, we’re late!”, she grabbed his hand and almost dragged him towards the gates, her heels clicking on the hard floor of the airport.

She’d only been working for the boss for only a few weeks, he’d been nice enough to higher her right out of high school without any experience or anything.

He’d even bought her uniform for her!

She thought back to the first time she’d put it on and shown it to the boss, they were in a hotel back in the city where he had been in town for just a day or two.  It had taken a bit to get the hat just right but now she could do it on the first try!

She giggled to herself as they ran down the hall towards the plane, after she’d gotten the job she’d been so happy she just couldn’t contain herself and she’d given the boss a deep wet kiss.  Followed by a blowjob and then he’d locked her hands behind her back with the cuffs and fucked her until she lost consciousness.

Her pussy was wet as they approached the plane, maybe for getting him to the plane even with all the hurdles she’d had to overcome he’d use them again on the flight!