Kassandra stood in the vault, each urn contained the ashes of a former mages familiar.  Her own familiar was perched on her shoulder, ever present, a symbol of a mages power and her owl revealed her high status as a senior mage.

She walked around the vault, paying her respect to those who had come before her when she saw Damian watching her.

“Damian.” she said simply.

“Kassandra, have you considered my proposal?”

She shuttered internally but kept her calm demeanor on the outside.  His “proposal” was exactly that, a marriage proposal and she had no intention of accepting it.

“I haven’t had much time to consider it yet, with all the activity going on you know.”

Damian nodded knowingly, “I understand, but I will need an answer by the end of the week.  There are opportunities I must take advantage of soon, one way or the other.”

“Of course.”

He placed a hand on her shoulder, “We would make a formidable team, we could do much to bring peace once more.”

He familiar felt the chile run though her and before she could calm her she struck out and pecked at Damian’s hand.

He pulled back quickly, a small amount of blood flowing from the wound.

“My fault.” he said, his own familiar hissing as it uncoiled from his neck.

He walked away and Kassandra frowned.  He was going to be a problem when she turned him down.

Kassandra walked in to her keep as her familiar flew ahead to its perch.  The ceremony had run long and she was tired, so after a hot bath she retired to her bedroom, her familiar watching over her.

As midnight came and went a shimmer appeared around her familiar, her brown and white feathers dropping from her frame as her body changed and transformed.  A few minutes later the stoic owl had been replaced by a small, bright hummingbird, flirting about the room.

Kassandra’s sleep was troubled, she tossed and turned as her body started to change as well.  Her short red hair flowed down her back and eventually reached her bum.

Her stern facial features softened and her lips plumped up. 

Her taught and hard body from years of physical training shifted, pulling in her waist as it pushed out her breasts and buttocks.

Her dreams were filled with strange thoughts of how her appearance was so important to her.  More dreams came, each one filling her head with new ideas and desires.

Finally, her dreams turned to Damian.  They showed her how the little hummingbird needed the snake to protect her, keep her safe and provide everything she needed.

The knock on the door woke Kassey from her sleep, she stretched out like she’d been asleep all her life.  She threw on a slight robe and walked to the front door, her familiar keeping station around her as it darted from side to side, never keeping still.  Just like her thoughts.

Kassey opened the door and Damian stood there in the morning dusk.

“I hope you don’t mind me dropping by this early?”

“Oh, now of course not!  Coming in please.” she said.

Damian walked in as Kassey closed the door behind him, when she turned around he had dropped his robe and stood before her naked.

Her mouth hung open as a slight gasp escaped her lips.  She dropped to her knees and took Damian’s snake in to her mouth.

Damian looked down and Kassandra sucking his cock, her familiar darting around her head as she did.

He knew she would never join him and she was too dangerous to be on the other side.  Finding a spell that he could cast on himself and transmit though his blood to her familiar had taken quite a while, but in the end it turned out better than he could have hoped.