SupremeGal flew over the city toward the embassy, she’d been away for so long, fighting to get her home world free from the grip of the warlords that had sprung up all over it. 

Finally though she was back and Dr. Taylor had run loose for far too long. 

She landed hard on to the front lawn, causing a small crater and letting everyone know she had arrived.  In no time Dr. Taylor’s captives burst through the front door to great her.

Lady Justice, Miss United, Flag Bearer, Night Vixen, Justice Girl, The Specialist, Hunter Red and The Siren.

SupremeGal hit Lady Justice first, a strong blow to the gut and she flew back in to the mansion and through it.  Miss United launched at her with a punch right at SupremeGal’s face.  SG caught it mid strike, twisted her arm and slammed her into the ground.

SG pushed forward and braced her right shoulder as she slammed in to Flag Bearer  and Night Vixen, pushing them back through the mansion, opening a second hole in the building.

The Specialist pulled out her rife and opened fire at SG, the bullets bouncing off of her with no effect.  The Siren opened her mouth and let out a concentrated blast at SG.  SG turned in to the scream and launched back through the mansion knocking The Siren to the ground with a single punch. 

Hunter Red pulled a grenade from her utility belt and lobed it at SG.  It landed and stuck to SG’s back as she struck Justice Girl and flung her through the upper levels of the mansion.

The explosion rocked the ground and parts of the mansion started to collapse.  As the dust cleared, SG turned to Hunter red and started towards her, only to be stopped by Lady Justice slamming in to her from above, creating and even larger crater than before.

SG and LG traded blows as the mansion crumbled in the background.  Finally SG got the upper hand and laid LG out with a two handed overhead strike.

SG rose out of the crater and looked around, finding the remaining targets she made quick work of them.  As she tossed the last one on to the pile she turned to the mansion and using her enhanced vision found Dr. Taylor in his secured bunker below.

She stepped forward to start clearing the rubble when Dawn Lighting jumped out of the wreckage of the mansion’s electrical system and coalesced right in front of her.

Energy streamed from Dawn Lighting in to SG and she twitched as it did.

Miss United rose to her fee and grabbed a girder from the pile of rubble that had been the mansion and struck SG as Dawn Lightening continued her attack.

Lady Justice recovered next and re-joined the frey, using Miss United tactic, the drove SG to her knees.

They continued their attack as the others joined in as well, soon SG was on the ground, trying to protect herself as the assault overwhelmed her and she lost consciousness.

“Ah SupremeGal, I see your awake.” Dr. Taylor said as SG blinked several times.

She pulled against her restraints only to find herself unable to break free.  She looked around and understood why, the room was bathed in red light.  She was sure it wasn’t just any red light but instead a recreation of her home world’s sun which drained her of her powers.

“You know it’s too bad about the mansion, I very much liked it.  But subtlety has never been your strong suit has it?  Oh well, it was time to expand anyway, luckily the sub-levels were reinforced.”

“You won’t hold me for long Taylor and DL won’t catch me off guard a second time!”

“Fortunately I only have to hold your for as long as the programming helmet takes so let’s get started shall we?”

SG tried to trash about but the straps holding her down held her tight and Dr. Taylor soon had the programming helmet over her eyes and activated.

SluttyGirl sat on her chair as the next client came online.  Her private web cam show was very popular even with the red light of the room.  They guys online said it made it even better for some reason but SG didn’t understand so she just giggled and said thanks whenever it came up.

She pushed the latex skirt down to smooth it out with her hands as the screen came to life.

“Like hi… uh… Jimmy?”

“Hi SluttyGirl, I love your show and I’m so happy you agreed to do a private chat with me!”

“Oh my gawd Jimmy, I’m so lucky to have fans like you!”

SG stood up and took her glasses off, placing one arm of them on her lips.  She placed her hands on her hips and turned around slowly.  When she was facing away from the camera, she bent forward on to the stool and spread her legs apart, letting her latex skirt ride up and over her ass.

She took her glasses in one hand and used the other to spread her pussy lips apart as she heard the camera zoom in.  She moaned softly as she played with herself.

She pulled her hand away from her pussy, raised it above her ass and the smakced it hard.

“Oh!  Jimmy I can’t wait for you to punish me for all the slutty things I’ve done today! *giggle*”.