Charlie reviewed the financials on his computer screen for the firm, things had been going well for the last several months.  Ever since he’d closed out the last of the law suits against the firm.

Now it was time to look forward to he future and he knew George was not going to be the leader the firmed needed when he retired.  The two other senior partners were closer to retirement than he was so they were not options either.

That left the three junior partners, Tom, Sally and Daphne.  Each was a capable lawyer but Tom and Sally couldn’t see beyond this months billings, unlike Daphne that always seemed to be thinking at least two cases ahead.

It was Daphne’s strength and weakness at the same time, she refused to learn from the senior partners experience and had to learn for herself.

Daphne click on the send button and sent the last of the files to the admins for filing.  Another happy client and a bonus for her as well.

She looked at her schedule for tomorrow and mentally flagged the afternoon meeting with another client as important.  She had to make sure she make a good impression on him if she was going to get him to jump ship to her own firm in a few months when she tendered her resignation.

The firm had been a great training ground for her, but it was time to move on, she certainly wasn’t going to stick around until she was old and senile like the senior partners.

A bing from her computer altered her to a message from Charlie and she pushed her glasses up her nose and opened it.

Charlie wasn’t senile and she knew he was the driving force behind the firm so she always made sure to put on her best face when he was around.

The message was a simple request to come in to his office when she had a moment.  She waited a few minutes until it wouldn’t look like she was at his beck and call and then walked down the hallway to his office.

A slight knock on his door as she pushed it opened revealed him sitting behind his large desk.

“Ah, Daphne, come in, have a seat.” he said with a wide grin on his face.  It seemed out of place to her as he seldom smiled but then he seldom called her in to his office either.

“Ok, thanks Charlie.”  she replied and walked towards the chairs in front of his desk.

She lowered herself in to the chair on the right side of the desk, a sharp pain suddenly coming from her right ass cheek.


Charlie watched Daphne fall back in to the chair as the drug overwhelmed her.

When the Johnson family had first come to him to help get their son Tommy committed to an asylum he’d been just as sure as they had been that he was clinically insane.

He’d been raving on about the new mind control drug he’d invented, but with his history of substance abuse everyone had assumed he’d finally fried his brain and the paperwork was easy to do once he’d found a sympathetic judge.

Of course Charlie was meticulous when it came to these kinds of cases and when he’d found the withdrawals for an apartment in his bank statements he’d decided to take a trip over to it and make sure nothing would get int the way of his committal.

He’d been surprised at what he found, a complete lab setup, detailed notes and a half starved, fully naked woman.  Tommy had told her to stay put until he returned and that had been almost two weeks ago, it look like there had only been enough food for a few days and since then she’d had nothing to eat and been unable to leave the apartment.

After going over the notes and making sure the woman got her life back, Charlie had kept the apartment and it’s contents secret and make sure Tommy’s trust fund continued to pay for it.

He’d dropped by last night to whip up another dose of the drug that was now coursing through Daphne’s veins.

He walked around front and pulled the other chair up beside her.

“Daphne, can you hear me?”


“Very good, now I’m going to ask you some questions and your going to answer me truthfully and fully, do you understand?”


“Good, now what do you think of the firm?  What do you see as your future here?”

“…its small…no future…going to leave…”

Charlie frowned, he’d thought Daphne was quite happy at the firm, she’d never shown any desire to leave before.

“And where are you going to go?”

“…start my own firm… have three… of the clients… ready to leave… with me…”

He’d significantly underestimated Daphne, but no matter, he could fix that now.

“Ok, now listen carefully, everything I’m going to tell you is absolutely true.  You have no doubt about that do you?”


“Good, now you love this firm, it means everything to you.  You’d never leave it, for anything.”

“…love…it…never leave…it…”

“You respect the senior partners, you enjoy learning from their experience.”


“From now on, when I say ‘It’s time for your lesson’ you will learn anything I teach you and know it is the absolute truth.  You will learn the lesson but not remember anything after I say ‘class dismissed’.  Do you understand?”


Daphne walked in to Charlies office and stood quietly as he worked on his computer.  She didn’t want to disturb him while he was working and so she waited until he was ready to address her.

“Oh, Daphne, good.  Why don’t you close the door and we can get to work?”

Daphne turned and closed the door, without thinking about it she locked it as well.

“It’s time for your lesson.”

Daphne froze, her mind blank.

“Take off your clothes, working naked is perfectly normal.  Class dismissed.”

Daphne turned back towards Charlie and unbuttoned her top, removed her skirt and stripped naked. 

“Daphne, could you grab Volume 5 of the legal reference set over there?”

“Of course sir.”

She walked over and opened the glass door to the book case.  Before she could remove the book Charlie called out to her again and she turned towards him.

“It’s time for your lesson.”

Daphne stood still, waiting to learn her next lesson.