1. Get horny.
2. Read fetish porn.
3. Stroke off.
4. Get inspired.
5. “I should write something when I’m done.”
6. Finish.
7. Lose inspiration.


But seriously, totally interested in how my favorite prodigious creators (evie-hyde, talesforsluts, tfsplash, mollypops23, bimbosminder, thehandsthatlead, iamseercoltz, coronetconversion, thetitan84, bimbowolf, staceytfs, rigbynmarlowe, bimboswithboobs, bimbosanddolls, lots of other people I’ve certainly missed) get around this… problem.

The problem with the above is trying to merge two very different processes in to one.

Stroking off sometimes provides inspiration, but if it does I write down a quick summary and put it in with my other writing ideas.  If I get to it at some point in the future, that’s fine, if I don’t, that’s fine as well.

Writing, starts by blocking off a couple of hours and, you know, actually writing 🙂

Horniness should ensue during the writing process, but it’s never the start of the process.

Once I’m done writing, stroking off may happen as well, but only after I’m done writing and not always.

Humans don’t multitask, so if you start out looking to stroke off, that’s what’s going to get done and nothing else.