Molly posed for the photographer, her long blonde hair flowed down her shoulders and over her small breasts.  As a “plus” size model she had steady work, though she had to admit she didn’t really consider herself plus sized.

But the industry had decided “plus” sized meant “normal human” and she wasn’t going to turn down the work.

“Alright Molly, go get changed and freshen up a bit, we’ll change the set so probably have a hour or so.”

Molly walked back to the change room and put on the next dress, a long black one-piece, then went over to the makeup chair.

“Hi Molly.” Jenny said, the small frame brunette beamed a bright smile at Molly as she sat down.

They chatted for a while as Jenny worked on Molly’s hair and makeup.

“Hey have you heard of the new streaming music service Euphoric?” Jenny asked.

“No, is it any good?”

“Yea, it’s great!  They’re giving away free trials and they have a deal where if you refer a friend you get extra time yourself.  You want to give it a try, I can give you my user ID so I get the bonus credits?”

“Sure, why not.” Molly said as she pulled out her phone and downloaded the app, a quick signup form later and she included Jenny’s user id as who referred her.

She put in a set of earbuds and started to listen as Jenny continued to fuss with her hair.

“Hey Molly, they’re ready for you again.”

Molly jumped a little as Jenny’s voice snapped her back to the here and now.

“Thanks Jenny, see you soon.”  Molly smiled as Jenny and though how nice she had been to her.  Jenny was often at the same shoots she was and while she hadn’t noticed her much in the past, today for some reason was different.  She looked cuter for some reason.

Soon enough though she was back in front of the camera and focused on work.

Molly rode the bike hard, the tunes from Euphoric pounding in her ears as she did so.

In the last three weeks she’d dropped 10 pounds and 3 dress sizes.  She didn’t know where the inspiration had come from, but recently she’d found going to the gym to be easy, enjoyable, almost euphoric.

This afternoon she had another photo shoot and so she finished up her time and headed home to get changed.

She arrived at the location well ahead of time, eager for some reason she didn’t quite understand until she arrived at the makeup chair, Jenny’s beaming face greeted her and a small shiver ran through her entire body.

“Hi Molly, how have you been?  You look great!”

“Fantastic!  Thanks for telling me about Euphoric, it’s amazing.  I’m listening to it all the time.”

“No problem, have a seat and we can get started.  You can listen while I work.”

Molly eagerly sat in the chair and placed her headphones on.

Molly was in Jenny’s chair again as Jenny removed the makeup from her face.  Molly tried to contain her excitement as Jenny worked so closely to her, brushing her hands against her face.

“So Molly, how was the shoot?”

“Oh good, I think they weren’t very happy that I’d lost some weight, but otherwise it went well.”

“Oh I think you look great!”

Molly felt the shiver run through her at Jenny’s compliment.  Suddenly an idea popped in to her head.

“Hey I was going to go grab a bite to eat, want to join me?”  Molly said.

“I’d love to!”

Molly couldn’t believe how interesting Jenny was, all the stories she had about people she worked on.  Even simple stories like going shopping seemed far more interesting when Jenny told them.

Dinner had gone on for hours and Molly was totally entranced, she hardly even remembered inviting Jenny back to her place, it all seemed like a dream of some kind.

When the arrived back at her place, Molly had connected her phone to the stereo and started Euphoric playing.  The sat on the couch and continued talk for what seemed like hours, Molly felt like she was floating on cloud 9.

The jolt of Jenny’s lips on her’s brought her back to reality only for an instant before the wave of pleasure pushed her back over the edge.

Molly pushed Jenny down on to the couch as they continued to kiss, their tongues intertwined.  When Molly came up for air she quickly moved down Jenny’s body, kiss it and sucking at her nipples briefly before finding her prize between Jenny’s legs.

For the last month Jenny had spend every night at Molly’s, making love well in to the night.  Molly had never been happier in her personal life but she couldn’t say the same thing for her modeling career.

Her offers had dried up once word had gotten around that she’d lost weight and few people wanted to hire a “used to be plus model” for their shoots.

Jenny had been supportive but she knew something was going to have to change, she had enough saved up to get through rough patches like this, but eventually she’d have to find work.

That’s how she had ended up in Jenny’s chair, looking in the mirror as Jenny chopped off her long blond hair.

She’d said a change of style was in order, to separate her from her old image, and Molly had left it in her hands.

Molly watched as Jenny applied the mouse and styled her now short hair in to a flared front, almost spiky style.

“So what do you think?”

“I… think… it’s…”

“Amazing right?  I love it, you look beautiful!”

Molly felt the familiar tingle in her pussy from the complement from Jenny and almost wet herself in the chair.

Molly stood up and grabbed Jenny’s hand, leading her to the bedroom where soon enough she felt Jenny’s hand run through her short hair and push her face deeper in to heaven.

Molly was in the doctors office, it was another idea that Jenny had had to help her with her new modeling image.  She’d spent so much time at the gym lately that her modest bust had virtually disappeared and so Jenny though an augmentation would be a good idea.

“…and so these implants are tear dropped shaped to give a more natural look.”

Molly held one in her hand and gave it a squeeze, she wasn’t sure why, but it was wrong.

“No, I think I want to go with the other ones you talked about.  The silicone spherical ones.  I want to go for a different look and natural is what I was before.”

“Of course, they’re a popular choice as well.”

Jenny stood just behind the photographer and watch Molly work, her large breasts barely contained by the outfit.

Jenny had lusted after her for so long and been completely ignored, she’d been crushed when she found out Molly was straight.

She pulled out her phone and loaded up the Euphoric control panel.  Molly was just about perfect now, she just needed to spice up their lovemaking a bit.

She selected the fetishes area and found what she was looking for, “Restraints”.  She selected it and then the sub-option of “Wants to lock up others”.

Jenny smiled at the thought of her strong, toned lover putting handcuffs on her so she could ravage her body without interference.  Maybe she’d have to look at some of the other options sometime, but for now this would do just fine.