Kitty had been house bound for quite some time now, but she didn’t mind at all. 

Once in a while her owner would bring something new home for her and she’d sequel in delight for a few seconds until she got her lips around his cock.

His last “present” was her favorite so far, sure it was a challenge to get in to, having to first insert and inflate the dildo before getting in to the pink straight jacket.  Doing up the clasps with her hands in the pink mittens often took her the longest.

But doing up the straps at the end of her fingers and then bending down and stepping through the closed loop was the worst as the dildo always seemed to squeeze her pussy in just the right way to be distracting.

Of course once she was done the wait for her owner to arrive home was agonizing.  The thought of him bending her over the couch and using her made her pussy even wetter, especially when she stood in front of the mirror like she was now.

She heard the door click and she turned her head towards it to see him walk in.  She turned back to the mirror and focused on the words about the Hello Kitty logo, she’d been a good girl all day and now she was ready for her reward.