She had come to the beach, again, and still didn’t know why.

It was early morning as always, she’d just finished her jog along the waters edge and she dropped down to her knees and let the salt water lap at her feet as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

It had been the same routine for the last two months.  Soon she’d open her eyes and head back to her car to get ready for work, just like always.

Before the routine she’d had a few extra pounds she had been trying to get rid of forever and she’d been jogging to try and finally deal with them.  But she’d worn a sports bra and shirt and shorts and shoes then.

She didn’t even notice for the first few days that she’d worn the bikini or had been running barefoot.  It had taken her a few more days to even realize she was kneeling down in the sand.  When she did finally realize it, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stop herself.

It was only two weeks ago she had realized, as she sat in the sand, her hands between her legs, that she’d been masturbating in public.

She felt her orgasm growing, surging, trying to erupt but she knew it wouldn’t happen until she opened her eyes for some reason.  When she did, the pleasant wave would crash over her, satisfying her need for another day.

She rubbed her clit a little harder and felt her eyes opening.  When they did she saw a man standing above her, wearing far too much clothing for the beach.

She tried to stop and hide what she was doing but found her orgasm rush to the front of her mind and explode more powerfully than she’d ever felt before.  She locked eyes with the stranger for several seconds and then her mouth opened and a single word came from her lips as her orgasm crested… “Master!”