It had been a month since she’d lost to him and she was determined to get even.  Not just for the pool either, she still wasn’t sure how it had happened but he had somehow gotten her naked and horny.  Soon enough she’d been bent over the table taking his dick in her and making all kinds of moaning and mewing noises as he screwed her.

At least she had the satisfaction of knowing she’d ruined the cloth on his table when she’d come like a freight train.

She’d managed to get back in the game with some local guys and had built up her cash again.  Now it was time to take him to school.

She stroked the last ball in to the pocket to finish off the first set with a smile, she wasn’t going to make the same mistake as last time and was out for blood.

“Another set?” she asked.

“Of course, double it up?”

“Sounds good.”

When he won the second set, she wasn’t concerned, but after the third and fourth set she was in trouble.  In the middle of the fifth set, when her pussy started to twitch she almost tore the cloth.

A few hours later she was on her back, laying on the table with his dick deep in her pussy again.  When he came, her orgasm followed right afterwards.

“You know, you really should have learned your lesson the first time.  I can see even now you haven’t taken it to heart.  Perhaps I’ll keep you for a while this time and see if I can do something about that.”

She held his cue gingerly in her latex covered hand, the rest of her body similarly covered except her large round tits that seemed to defy gravity and jut out from her chest.  

He came over and retrieved his cue as he played several more shots.  She wasn’t sure when she’d moved in to the house, or agreed to serve as part of his staff, but she definitely remembered the day at the doctors office.

She’d been very clear about what she’d wanted with the doctor.  Large, round and firm and he’d done exactly that.

He stood up from his last shot and stretched. 

“Well that’s all for tonight.” he said and she knew it was her cue.

She walked over to the corner where the cue stand was and waited. 

He took the last sip from his drink and then walked over, placed the butt of the cue between her feet and rested the shaft between her tits.  He fished a small silver chain out of his pocket and clamped each of the clips on the ends of it to her nipples with the chain dangling between them.

A wave of pleasure washed over her and she didn’t even notice him leave the room and turn off the lights.