NightRaven watched the construction site from across the street, the Darkania embassy was stii in ruins.  They had been digging for weeks since the knock down, drag out battle between SupremeGal and the others had leveled the mansion.

Tonight it was quiet for the most part, but a van had driven on to the property and several workers had emerged and started unloading equipment and lowering it down in to the structure.

NightRaven moved swiftly across the street and came up behind the driver, she caressed his neck and he turned around to face her.

He seemed surprised, her pale reflection set off her dark outfit and black hair, but as soon as she locked eyes with him her hypnotic powers took over as she bared her fanged teeth in a seductive smile.


“Yes, my thrall.  Tell me, what are you delivering tonight.”

“I’m sorry Mistress, I do not know.”

“Is there an inventory?”

“Yes Mistress, but it only lists 7 boxes, not their content.”

“Where did it come from?”

“I do not know Mistress, the truck was loaded before I arrived.”

NightRaven sighed, like so many underlings, this one was just a pawn in the grand opera being played out with Dr. Taylor.

“Forget our encounter and sleep.”

She watched him slump in his seat and she walked towards the back of the van.  The men had entered the lower levels and she proceeded there herself.

The construction was deep, far deeper than the footings for a new mansion needed to be and when she arrived at the lower levels she found the men taking the crates in to another section which seemed to have already existed.

She moved stealthily as she followed them until they arrived to a well lit hallway, there she hung back and let them go ahead until they found the door they were looking for and disappeared behind it.

NightRaven concentrated her vision and the three men’s bodies, fully of blood, lit up behind the door, her bloodsight allowing her to track them.  She scanned the rest of the area and found no other signs of life and so proceeded in to the hallway.

Finding the first door unlocked she step inside and continued to monitor the men as they set the crate down and then walked back out of the room and up the construction site.  There they entered the van and drove off.

NightRaven spent the next while searching the premises.  The lower level seemed to be mostly scientific contraptions, where as the other levels contained living quarters.  She recognized some of them from the webcam research she had done and shuttered at the thought of the fallen heroes.

Finally she arrived at what she thought must be the uppermost level that was still in tacked and entered the last room.  On the other side she saw what was left of a stair case that must have lead to the upper mansion.

As she turned around to find another way out a steel door slide down in front of her, blocking her exit.  She spun around to look for another way out when an irritation in the back of her thorough caught her attention.

It was quickly followed by a tingling on her face and she recognized the feel of silver immediately.  She pulled her sword from it’s scabored and swung at the door, a loud clang rang out but no mark was left.

She could feel herself getting weaker by the moment, the silver wouldn’t kill her but it would sap her of her strength.

Several more strikes left no mark and the weakness was almost too much to bear.  She feel to a knee, dropped her sword and tried to focus.

“Ah, NightRaven, I have to say I didn’t design this room to keep people in the sub-basement, but alas the damage to the mansion was substantial and I decided to expand my underground lair during the reconstruction.  I did expect at least one hero to try and infiltrate it while it was unguarded and so I made sure to get this room up and running first.”

NightRaven looked up for the speaker but didn’t see one, though she knew it was Dr. Taylor giving her the speech.  He’d gotten sloppier lately, spending more time gloating, perhaps she’d have a chance if she encouraged him.

“The silver will weaken me Dr. Taylor, but I’ll still have more than enough strength to take you out when you open that door!”

“Perhaps, but with all the ‘visits’ I’ve had lately I thought it best to be prepared
for anything.  The aerosoled silver you are inhaling was just one of
many defenses in the room.”

Suddenly her head started to spin, not from the silver but from something else.

“For example, once the silver has done it’s work, the knock out gas should easily be able to do it’s work.  Oh look, there it is now.”

The room darkened as she felt herself head the rest of the way to the floor.

NightRaven felt the cold silver bonds on her forehead, wrists and ankles first.  The bright light and Dr. Taylor came in to focus soon afterwards.

Instinctively she bared her fangs and hissed at him.

“Yes, well, we’ll have to take care of that now won’t we.”  he said as he lowered the programming helmet on to her head and over her eyes.

NaughtyRaver grabbed the pole and swung around it as the club music thumped from the speakers.  It was her third song and all that remained on her body was her black thigh high stiletto boots and her cinched corset.

Her large, pale breasts swung freely from side to side as she worked the pole until the song finally ended.

She grabbed her long black gloves, small g-string and top that lay by the stairs from the stage.

At the base fo the stairs stood several men waiting for her, she flashed a wide smile across her black lips at the first one in line.

“Hi baby, are you ready to party?” she said as she danced a little to the next song that had started.  God she loved dancing to the music, it didn’t matter what kind it was as long as it had a beat.

“Uh sure, yea!”

She grabbed his hand and led him to the VIP area, where she started dancing immediately without even putting her outfit back on.

By the second dance she was sitting on his lap, facing him, when hi spoke up.

“Well, um, Dr. Taylor said…”

Her mind jumped to her master, the night he had turned her had been the best one of her life and she owed him everything.

“…well he said you… really like to suck… blood.”

She inhaled at the thrill of what was to come next, “Oh honey, let me show you my favorite way to suck it out of a man.”

She slid down his body and opened his pants, pulling them down with his underware. 

She parted her lips, showed her fangs, locked eyes with him and licked her lips before impaling herself on his hard cock.

She bobbed her head and wiggled her ass to the rhythm of the music as she sucked every last drop out of her victim.