Kelly looked over at his as he entered the room, she still couldn’t figure it out.

Six months ago she had taken Ron’s case.  A simple libel defense case that she figured would be an easy score for her new practice.  Everyone knew the defense for libel was the truth and he had only told the truth.

But then the case had stretched on and she had started to lose focus on everything until three months ago she had found herself in front of the bar for calling the judge a “monolithic asshole that should have died out with the dinosaurs”.

She’d been disbarred for 12 months and lost her new firm in the process.

When he’d offered her his guest house to stay in while she found her feet again she’d agreed even though she knew she had meant to turn him down.

Just like when he’d suggested she come to the party he was having.  Or when he suggest she stay the night.

After that she’d lost any ability to say no to him.

She moved in to the main house soon afterwards.

And sleeping in his bed.

Soon enough they were going steady.  But that was right either, he never took her out, or introduced her to his friends, he only kept her at his house and made love to her.

She shook her head, that still wasn’t right.  He didn’t make love to her, anymore at least.  Maybe those first few times she had convinced herself that is what was happening but now she couldn’t deny it.  He was fucking her.  Using her.

Her body shuttered in pleasure at the thought and she closed her eyes and let the feeling wash over her.

The first time she’d felt it was when she’d first seen the red shorts, the same ones she was wearing now.

Or more precisely just after she’d seen the shorts and the thought had entered her mind, “I bet Ron would find my ass sexy in these.”

She’d spent the rest of the day shopping for new clothes that made her think the same way. 

And she’d been right, when Ron saw her in the tight shorts and matching top by the pool he’d bent her over one of the recliners and fucked her right there and then.

When she’d gone to the salon the next week, instead of her simple, easy to maintain style, she’d only thought of what Ron would like and had it dyed and extensions put in.

She looked back at the reflection in the window, her perfect hair and makeup would be a mess soon enough but what had caught her attention at the moment were her breasts.  They had always been something she’d been proud of, but now they looked small and unimpressive for some reason.

Then it hit her, Ron would love her to have a big set of fake tits to fuck.

Her body shook again as the pleasure came over her.  Before it ended, she felt Ron’s hand grab her ass and it spiked once more.

“Good girl Kelly.”  he said as an orgasm crash over her.

She still couldn’t figure it out but she realized she no longer cared either.