Henry had been working at the clinic for almost two decades when Veronica had arrived.  The lovely, dark haired nurse had caught his attention right away, as she had most of the male staff’s (and some of the female staff as well for that matter).

She was smart and driven, she wanted to be a doctor even though she couldn’t afford to go to university right then.

She was saving every penny she could and he knew she’d eventually make it.

When he’d suggested they get a coffee after work, she’d rejected him out of hand and he wasn’t surprised.  He was at least 20 years older than her and, while not in bad shape, he did have a few extra pounds and a fast receding hairline.

Over the next few months, as his obsession had grown, he’d kept a cordial relationship with her, under the pretext of showing her things she’d need to be a doctor.

By the time he’d suggested she drop by on the weekend as he had some old text books she could study from, she didn’t even give it a second thought.

She’d shown up on the Saturday afternoon and when he’d offered her something to drink on the hot summer day she’d gratefully accepted the glass of water.

An hour later when she’d regained consciousness he had strapped her on to the gurney he’d setup in his basement.  She’d screamed of course but there was no one close enough to hear her and he started the IV drip.

Some afterwards her screams had been reduced to whimpers and then simple silence as the powerful drug attacked her free will, leaving her open to suggestion.

By the time she left his house later that night, she didn’t remember anything about the basement, only that they’d had a long talk that she’d enjoyed immensely.

A few weeks later when she quit her job at the clinic the staff was surprised until she’d said she had found the money go to university and she was heading west to attend school.

It was the last time anyone from the clinic had seen her, well except for Henry.  He saw her each night in the basement playroom he’d setup like a hospital room where she spent most of her nights playing nurse to his doctor.