Tanya arrived home and found the package outside of her door.  She’d ordered the nanosuit last week and had been tracking it online since.  It had actually arrived yesterday but the delivery company needed a signature before they’d release it.  Or as she found out as she read the notice, a signed release.

She’d signed the release and left it on her door that morning and now the package had arrived.  She picked it up and noticed how beaten up it looked, there were several tape patches on it but it looked mostly in tact.

Tossing it on the couch, she closed her door and headed to her bedroom to change out of her business suit and prepare dinner.

After a quick bit to eat, she grabbed the package and headed back to her bedroom.  She opened the shipping box and pulled out the inner NanoSuit packaging.  It too was slightly damaged, the shrink wrap ripped in several places but once she had it open, everything seemed to be ok.

She quickly stripped down and worked her body in to the Nanosuit, it was tight on her larger frame but she’d be able to take care of that soon enough.

She found the control and powered it on, after a quick introduction she started to select several options.

She first removed her extra weight, her waist constricting and the rest of her body tightening as well.  She took care of a few other things as well, some blemishes on her skin, a few years off her age, etc.

Just as she was finishing, the control seemed to take on a life of it’s own, the black NanoSuit suddenly changing color to a bright orange.  She tapped the control several times but nothing happened.  She hit the power button but it remained on.

She suddenly felt a twinge in her head and she involuntarily dropped the control and raised her hands to her temples.  She closed her eyes and tried to block it out to no avail.

Just as suddenly it stopped and she opened her eyes once more.  Her hands fell to her sides and she started to walk over to the mirror, her legs moving on their own as she tried to call out for help.

She stood in front of the mirror, her lips perfectly still like the rest of her body for several seconds before she felt the NanoSuit start to make changes again.

Her breasts swelled outwards, her waist constricted even farther, her hair blossomed outward and cascaded down her back.  The NanoSuit started to flow over her body, the orange latex covering her completely.  When it reached her feet it flowed in to two sky high stiletto heels.

She turned from the mirror and started towards the front door, when she arrived she opened it and revealed Don standing on the other side grinning broadly, holding his phone in his hand.

Don was her creepy neighbor, he’d hit on just about every good looking woman in the building and the only reason he hadn’t gone after her was her weight.

He walked in past her and she closed the door once more before turning around and following him to the bedroom.

He headed straight for the controller she’d dropped just moment ago and picked it up.  He tapped a couple of times on his phone and then put it in his pocked.

He walked behind her and heeled up the controller in front of her face so she could see what was on it, “Approve secondary user Don?”

He grabbed her hand and raised it up to touch the display, she could do nothing to stop him, “Approved” flashed across the screen.

A few more taps and the next prompt was displayed, “Approve secondary user overrides primary user?”

Once again he tapped her finger on the display and it was approved.

He tapped a few more times as she watched him select and activate the Sex Bot program, she felt her head swim as the NanoSuit did its work.