The pill had made so many changes to her she hardly recognized herself in the mirror.  Her breasts had just stopped expanded a second ago and she reached up and touched her now long black hair.

‘Can’t even get lucky and go blonde!’ she thought and she marveled at the difference. 

Her life before had been one disappointment after another, she was the girl next door, the one everyone wanted to be friends with by no more.  Then the wave of bimbo’s had started to appear and she’d become even less than that.

She figured the pill was her last chance to find happiness even with the side effects.

Her roommate, Candi, walked in just as the physical changes finished, “Like oh my gawd!  You totally did it!”, the blond bimbo nearly screamed out as she turned towards her.

Before she could react, Candi had thrown her arms around her and squeezed her tightly as she planted a wet sloppy kiss on her lips.

She felt the pill hit her mind and a pink fog of lust come over her.  Her tongue probed Candi’s mouth for a moment before she felt Candi’s hands on her shoulders, pushing her down.

She found Candi’s bare pussy under her tiny skirt and buried her face in it, the sweet smell driving her lust even more.

“Gawd Suzi, like, we’re going to have so much fun together now that your totally in to licking pussy!”

Suzi orgasmed as the juices from Candi’s pussy ran down her chin and hit her tits, she came again a few minutes later when Candi did and several more times when Candi had returned the favour.