Green Titan grabbed the girder and pummeled the construction site with it.  The half complete Darkiana embassy crumbled under the assault.

Once GT’s rage had subsided slightly she refocused on her task, getting to the underground lair of Dr. Taylor.  She’d seen him enter the building less than twenty minutes ago and she knew he wasn’t there to do an inspection of the half complete upper floors.

She walked over and easily pushed the ruble aside as she looked for the entrance. 

“Probably would have been easier to find before I trashed the place.” she said aloud to no one in particular.

A while later she found the re-enforced door which allowed her to take out her frustrations at having spent so long trying to find it.

It collapsed in a crumpled heap as she walked in to what she assumed was some kind of trap.  She wasn’t disappointed as two gun nozzles dropped from the ceiling and started to fire some kind of white foam on to her.

She crossed her muscular arms in front of her to protect her eyes as the foam encased her and solidified around her.

She flexed her muscles and felt the foam give a little, she pushed hard and heard it crack.  For some reason she was winded at the exertion and she realized something was wrong.  Wasting no time she pushed with all her strength.

As it gave way she lost her balance and fell to the floor, she rose to her knee and looked around, the previously white foam had a distinctive green tinge to it.  Her distinctive green tinge to be precise.  She looked down at her hands and saw her own green skin much paler than normal just as the foam cannons came to life again.

GT stirred to life and found herself strapped to table.  She pulled at the bonds but they held firm.  That’s when she noticed her skin, it’s pale white color seeming to glow in the bright lights of the laboratory.

“I have to say you have been most annoying, the damage you caused will set back the completion of the mansion by weeks!” Dr. Taylor said.

“You won’t stop me like the others, you can’t control my mind, my rage can’t be controlled!”

“Yes, that’s true, and it would have been a problem before I sucked all that Gamma radiation out of you with the foam.  Now your just… human.”

GT was stunned, she’d assumed whatever the doctor had done to her was just temporary, but he seemed to be saying it wasn’t.

Without saying anything else he pulled the programming helmet over her eyes and turned it on.

‘Gotta Train.  Gotta Train.  Gotta Train.’ she thought to herself as she pushed up on the weights.  It was her motto, Dr. Taylor had given it to her himself!

She switched to the stair machine and continued on. 

She was so lucky Dr. Taylor had let her join the others, even though she didn’t have any powers.

She finished her set and headed towards the tanning both. 

She had to work much harder than the others but she knew it was worth it!

She walked out from the tanning both and back to her room to get ready for her next show.

She stepped out on to the patio of the just completed embassy and set her laptop down on the table.  She stepped back and posed against the wall as the timer counted down to zero.

The screen came to life and she smiled and started to strut and pose as her fans came online.