John hadn’t expected the lollipop to be so effective the first time he’d used it.  His girlfriend at the time had become a complete blowjob bimbo. 

He’d spent weeks using her mouth until his boss Ken had caught him in the back room at work one day.  It turned out to be a lucky break though as Ken had always had a thing for Karen and after a bit of negotiation John had a promotion and Ken had a new bimbo.

That’s how John had fallen in to his side business and why he was at the club tonight.  Finding eager men who wanted their own bimbo’s was easy enough but finding new bimbo’s to provide them was another challenged all together.

Most bimbo hunters had given up on clubs, the ladies were to smart to take laced drinks any more but that was where his lollipops came in. 

Tonight he’d found a serious looking brunette in a tight fitting blue and green dress that didn’t seem that interested in what was going on.  He was dressed in a sharp business suit, had a clipboard and a selection of lollipops mount to the front of it.

“Hello Miss, do you have a moment?”


“I’m doing marketing research for a new candy product…”

“In a club?“

“Yes, we’re trying to target it at clubbers, it’s a tequila flavoured lollipop.”

She raised an eyebrow in disbelief and laughed, “What will they try next, sure why not.”

She grabbed one and unwrapped it before putting it in her mouth and giving it a lick.

The lick turned in to a suck as it hit her tongue, soon she was working it in and out of her mouth without it it ever actually getting all the way out.

Then her hair started to lighten and lengthen.  Her breasts ballooned forward, stretching the dress to it’s limits.  Her lips puffed outwards as her eyes grew wide and vacant.

She managed to make eye contact with me as I stepped in close, wrapped my arm around her slender waist and pulled her towards me.  The lollipop still firmly between her lips, I leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Just a horny cocksucking bimbo slut aren’t you.”

My hand slid down the small of her back to find her tight ass and give it a squeeze.

She moaned as I guided her towards the exit and to her new life.