Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Jessica walked down the jetway with Amy and Donna, they’d work many flights together before but this would be her last as she was retiring after this one.

They arrived at the door to the waiting jet and she immediately noticed how old it looked.  It clearly hadn’t been upgraded since the 80′s or maybe in the 70′s.  But no matter, the three of the entered the aircraft and pushed their luggage to the side, focusing on getting ready for the cross country trip.

“Hey,” said Donna, “did you see this passenger list?”

“No, why?” replied Jessica.

“There’s only one person on it!”

“That can’t be right, let me see.” said Amy.

Amy squinted at the passenger list for several seconds, “There’s only one name but I don’t seem to be able to make it out…”

Jessica grabbed the list from the short redhead and took a look for herself but had no better luck making out the name.

“That’s weird, I can see the name but it’s like the letters don’t make any sense.”

She was interrupted by the foot steps coming down the jetway, “Well I guess that must be him coming now.”

Moments later a figure walked on to the plane and seemed to glide to his seat paying them no attention.

Jessica, still holding the clipboard with the passenger on it walked over, “Excuse me sir there seems to be a problem with your information, could you tell me your name?”

The figure looked up in to her eyes and the two red embers that stared back at her glowed brightly for a moment.

Jessica froze in place and suddenly felt her body shifting.  Her clothes disappeared, leaving behind only her shoes, a scarf and her hat.  She watched her skin tighten and youthen as her waist contracted in and her hair lengthen out. 

Her body released and she wobbled on her high heels and she looked around trying to figure out what had happened.

At the other side of the plane, her two best friends stood nearly naked, like her and were pushing their luggage in to the overhead compartment.

The three of them had just gotten their first jobs and had been excited to take their first run as NakedAir Flight Attendants!

She giggled slightly as she watched Amy try and reach the overhead compartment but fail, instead trying to perch herself up on the armrest of the seat to get her bag in to the compartment.

She wiggled her way over to her own bag and put it in the bit beside Amy’s, then she remembered the passenger and turned back to him.

She couldn’t quite make out what he looked like, but she knew he was the most important man on the flight and she was sure she was going to make a good impression with him on the first day of her first job!