Carrie looked across the parking lot at the man walking towards his car, she’d been following him since he left for the mall several hours ago and it looked like this was the best opportunity she’d have.

She pulled down her sun glasses a bit and placed her right hand on her temple, in her left was the small vile of blood from her mentor’s client.  She spoke the words of the spell and as she did he froze in place.

Moments later the spell was complete, the vile empty and the man continued on his way back home.  He start to feel the effects over the next couple of days but for now he wouldn’t notice any difference.

As an apprentice she always got stuck with the simple stuff, like this love spell some woman had paid for.  Things her mentor found to be not worth his time but still found the money to be too good to pass up.

“Carrie, come in here!” her mentor bellowed.

Carrie looked up from the cauldron and sighed, if she left it now she’d have to start from scratch but the sound of her mentor’s voice let her know it was better to go and have to redo all her work than to ignore him.

She walk down the hall and in to his study, “Yes sir?”

“Do you recognize this man?” he held up a photo in front of her face.

“Uh, yea, isn’t that the love spell guy from last week?”

He held up a second photo of another man, “And him?”

“That’s the brother right?”

“No, this,” he said shaking the second photo, “is the ‘love spell guy’ and this”, he said shaking the first photo, “is his brother!”

‘Damit!’ she thought, she’d gotten them mixed up.

“Opps, well they’re brothers so it should be close enough.”

“No, the one that is now madly in love with Sandra is the broke drug user, while his rich brother is still quite single.”

She winced knowing she’d make a pretty big mistake this time.

“And since Sandra was going to use her new beau’s money to pay for the love spell, I’m out my fee AND I still have to fix the problem!”

“Look, I’m sorr…” she began to apologize but he held up his hand, palm first and she stopped mid sentence.

“This is just the most recent of your screw ups and I’m tired of them, it’s time to cut my losses on your training and move on.”

“But sir, please I’ll…”

“No.  No more excuses.”

She slumped her shoulders and turned to leave, “I’ll pack my bags.”

As she approached the door she suddenly felt the mages powerful spell envelope her and she froze in mid stride.

“Oh no my dear, you don’t get off that easy.  I’ve invested a lot of time and effort in your training, you still owe me for that.  You may not be any use as a Witch, but there are still other ways you can work off your debt.”

He started speaking a spell she’d never heard before and she felt the magic increase 10 fold in intensity.

She could feel her body changing, twisting, morphing beneath the powerful waves of magic that wash over her.

Since she’d had her head down when she was frozen in place she could see her clothing vanish, her bright red hair extend down her growing chest until it touched her hard nipples.

Then the magic turned inwards and started on her mind.

Carrie slumped to the floor as the spell finished and gasped for air.  She found her footing and stood up once more, turning towards the mage.

Something about him was different, she couldn’t quite put her finger on it but he seemed even more commanding than before.

“There, that should make you more useful.  Come over here.”

Without thinking she walk over in front of him.  Before she could even think to ask what he meant, he reached out and grabbed her nipple, squeezing it.

The pleasure exploded from it and reverberated throughout her body, she load out a low moan and almost fell to the floor again.

He opened his robe and she looked down and saw his hardening erection, immediately she fell to her knees and placed her lips on it.  The pleasure from her mouth almost made her orgasm as she slide down his shaft.

When she arrived at the base, she suddenly realized what he’d done, he’d cast a sex nymph spell on her!  He was planning on selling her at the market!

‘Maybe he’ll keep me, if I give him a really good blowjob, maybe he’ll keep me.’

She worked her puffy lips up and down his shaft.

‘Yes that’s it!  If I’m the best sex nymph ever he’ll have to keep me!’

She doubled her efforts, slurping and sucking his dick the best she could.

When he came, she held it all in her mouth, opened wide and look up at him, then she swallowed it all.