She stood on her tip toes and looked through the telescope again, just like she had for the last several months.

She’d kicked out her boyfriend and he’d left it behind, she hadn’t payed much attention to it but one day as she passed it by she wondered what it had been pointing at.

She had peered through the eye piece and found it pointed at the bedroom of one of the apartments across the way.  She hadn’t been surprised since she’d found out he’d been cheating on her and she just left it there.

Until a few weeks later, she’d been lonely and horny and then she’d thought of the telescope.  She’d scanned the apartments until she’d found something interesting.  She couldn’t quite make it out but she kept looking trying to make out what she was looking at for hours.

It seemed to get less defined the harder she looked at it, more blurry the more she tried to logically work out what it was.  By the time she finally gave up it was several hours later and she dropped in to her bed and fell fast asleep.

That night, she’d had weird dreams that she couldn’t quite remember and the next day she had been a restless, tired mess at work.

She tried to think of something else, but her mind kept drifting back to the strange sight she’d found through the telescope.  Finally she gave in and took another look.  She didn’t remember getting in to bed but when she woke up the next morning in it she didn’t pay it much attention.

That was how the first week had gone; sleep, work, telescope.

The second week had been a little different, she’d gone to the gym in the building for the first time in years and worked out.  After that first visit, she found herself going to it each night before trying to figure out what she was seeing through the telescope.

Several months had past since then and she was so different now.  Her workouts had given her a body to die for and she had been flaunting it all over town in tight dresses and revealing outfits she would never have worn before.

But even so, she still didn’t have a boyfriend, not for a lack of offers of course.  She’d turned them all down, instead each night coming back to the telescope and trying to figure out what was in the apartment across the way.

Tonight though, something seemed different.  She looked through the telescope and this time she was sure she could make out numbers.

She grabbed a notepad and started to write them down, first a set of three, then a second set of three and finally a set of four.  Then they repeated again.

She looked at them for a moment before realizing it was a phone number.

She grabbed her phone and dialed.

“Hello.” came the sound of the masculine voice on the other end.

“Hi, uh, this might sound a little strange, but…”

“Are you ready?”

Something clicked and it all made sense, she dropped to her knees and replied, “Yes master, your slave is ready.”