Lana looked at the numbers again but they still added up to the same thing, Jacob was embezzling from her.

She leaned back in her chair and pulled her glasses off the bridge of her nose and set them on the desk.  She didn’t want to believe it, Jacob was the best pit boss the place had ever had.  As a small casino she couldn’t offer the kind of perks the big players could but since she’d inherited The Duce from her father last year after his accident, she’d done everything she could to make a go of it.

Include reviewing everything about the books.  She picked up the phone, “Linda can you tell Jacob to come see me after his shift?  Thanks.”

Jacob walked in to Lana’s office, he looked nervous and Lana could see he was gripping something in his left hand pocket.

“Jacob, I want to talk to you about some irregularities I’ve found with the counts.”

“Irregularities Lana?” he said nervously.

“Yes, the started a few months ago.  Here take a look.”

Jacob walked around beside Lana and looked at the screen, resting his right hand on her shoulder.

“Humm… I don’t know Lana… I think you might have made a mistake.”

“I didn’t make a mistake Jacob, it’s right there.”  She pointed at the spreadsheet.

“No, it’s definitely a mistake, here look.” Jacob replied and started typing on the keyboard.

Moments later the numbers seemed add up.

“Yep, definitely your mistake Lana.”

“But… I didn’t…” she looked at the numbers that now added up perfectly.

“Hey, don’t fret it Lana, everyone makes mistakes.  I’m sure you’ll find a way to make it up to me.”

“Make it up… to you?”  she said, scrunching her forehead as she tried to see what he’d done to make the numbers add up.

“Sure, you know what, why don’t you take me to dinner tonight.  You know, to apologize for your mistake.”  Jacob touched her hand and a electric charge ran up her arm straight to her head.

“Ok, sure!” she blurted out before she even knew she was going to say it.  He pulled her up from the chair and escorted her out to the parking lot.

Jacob could hardly believe it had worked, sure his friend Doug was a genius and all, but all he’d done was re-type the same numbers in the spreadsheet and told her she was wrong and she’d gone along with it almost immediately!

Now he was driving with her to a nice restaurant where she’d be buying him dinner.

Lana pulled Jacob in to her house, she wasn’t going to let him get away this time.  He’d dropped her off at home on their second date and left her standing in the doorway after they’d made out like teenager on the doorstep for at least 10 minutes.

She grabbed his tie and lead him to her bedroom where she pushed him on to the bed and went after her prize.  She found his hardening member as soon as she had his pants off and paused only for a second before devouring it with her mouth.

Soon he was fully erect and she felt him grab her hair and pull her off.  She extended her tongue and tried to continue as he stood up and pushed her down on to the bed.

He entered her from behind and her mind exploded in pleasure as he pumped in and out of her pussy.

When he pulled out she pushed her ass back towards him but to no avail, until he grabbed her hair again and pulled her down on to the floor.  He came on to her face and her own orgasm crested.

Lana was working from home again, like she had been for the last several months.  Her makeup was done just how Jacob liked it and she was wearing his favorite outfit.  He dark grey top just covered her boobs, the light grey mini-skirt didn’t cover her pussy and the shear stockings showed off her legs.

Jacob had gone in to the office to give everyone “her” instructions for the week.  He’d be back soon and then she’d be able to really get to work.