“*SNAP* Kat get in here!” Katrina heard her bosses fingers snap followed by the familiar bellow.

The small framed blonde walked in to the office where Diana was waiting for her, a frown on her otherwise beautify face framed by the long dark hair.

“Yes ma’am?”

“The computer is on the fritz again, get the techs up here to fix it immediately!  I’m going to go for a quick bit to eat and hit the gym.  It had better be working by the time I get back.”

“Yes ma’am.” Katrina slumped her shoulders, the IT guys never came in a rush to Diana’s office, they were just as scared of Diana as the rest of the staff. 

Diana was the head of marketing and she ran everyone in to the ground to ensure she was going to get the next big promotion.

Katrina called IT, but they said they’d “try” and get there as soon as possible, but she could hear it in his voice, they wouldn’t be there until after Diana had left

Luckily Katrina had enough experience to try and fix it herself, she was going to night school to try and become a web developer.

She worked on it over lunch and soon discovered the problem, a virus, or more accurately, malware had been installed.  It was poorly written though and the hackers had made several basic mistakes including leaving the configuration file in plain text and entering the incorrect control server name.  The last time she checked there was no .dom domain, perhaps they had meant .do for the Dominican Republic, but it didn’t really matter.

She took a copy of the malware to work on after hours and finished getting Diana’s computer back up and running just as she was walking in to the office.

Katrina inspected the malware and was surprised at what she found.  It wasn’t like anything she’d heard of before.  It didn’t try and record your keystrokes or inject a cross site scripted in to your browser.

Instead it subliminal messages to try and get you to send the criminal a small amount of money each month.  Not enough for you to notice but if they got it spread widely enough they’d have a huge income for life!

Katrina’s work phone suddenly came to life, a text message from Diana no doubt.  She picked it up and read it, she wanted her to work this weekend on a project.  No, that wasn’t how she had phrased it, she expected her to work this weekend on a project.

‘If only that bitch was a little nicer about it I might not mind as much!’ she thought as she tossed down the phone on to her desk.

She turned back to her computer in frustration, the malware code displayed on it’s screen.

Diana walked in to the office Monday morning, Kat sitting at her desk, headphones on and working away as a coffee sat the edge waiting for her.  They’d spent all weekend in the office working on a project that she wasn’t happy with.

It had been ok and honestly it could have waited but she didn’t like putting things off and Kat had just about outlived her usefulness anyway.  Diana could tell when they were getting frustrated at not advancing and Kat was right there, looking for something else.

She walked up to Kat’s desk and grabbed the coffee as Kat sat obliviously listening to her music.

“*SNAP* Earth to Kat…”  she started to say, irritate Kat hadn’t notice her walk in but something washed over her as she snapped her fingers and she never finished her thought.

“Oh hi Diana, I didn’t see you come in.  I’ve just about got those changes done you asked for.”

“Oh…ah…ok, thanks.”  Diana replied, feeling somehow good for some strange reason.

“*SNAP* Kat…”

“Yes ma’am?”

“I…uh…why don’t you call me Diana?”

“Sure Diana, what can I do for you?”

“I… I… uh… need your opinion on something.”

“Sure thing Diana.”

“*SNAP* Katrina, could you come in here please?”

“*SNAP* Katrina, if you have some time could you come in here please?”

“*SNAP* Katrina, if it’s not too much trouble could you come in to my office when you can?”

Katrina couldn’t believe the change, it had only been a week but Diana was a different person. 

Katrina looked at her computer on the beside her bed, the command file open in the text editor:

“Every time you snap your fingers to get Katrina’s attention you’ll want to be nicer to her.”

And Diana was being very nice now.  No more barking orders or throwing tantrums when things didn’t go her way, instead a pleasant smile and an apology came out of her mouth.

Well at least when Katrina was involved, she was still a living terror to everyone else in the office.

Katrina closed the editor and prepared for bed, a slight stiring in her pussy reminded her how long it had been since she had masturbated and so she browsed a few of her favorite porn sites before masturbating before she turned in.  As she slept, images of latex clad women danced in her head.

Diana looked down at her watch, it was just about 5 and she’d be done for the week so soon.  To think, just two weeks ago she’d forced Katrina to work all weekend on some stupid project.  She felt so bad about that now, but that was in the past.

Tomorrow Katrina was taking Diana shopping and she couldn’t wait.  She trusted Katrina completely and knew she’d have great taste in clothing.

Katrina waited outside the change room, Diana was putting on the clothes she’d picked out for her.  When she stepped out, Katrina was amazed.

She wasn’t sure how Diana would react when she handed her the black tight vinyl miniskirt and matching top.  Or the high heels for that matter, but there she was, dressed up on the revealing outfit, looking to Katrina for approval.

“Diana, that looks amazing on you!”

The sun broke through the clouds on Diana’s face and she lite up like the sun.

“You really think so?”

“Absolutely, here let me take a photo.”

Diana posed as Katrina held up her phone and snapped a photo.  Diana continued to posed more and more provocatively after each flash of the phone.

“Perfect, I know just where our next stop is going to be.” Katrina said confidently.

Diana was in Katrina’s bedroom, struggling to get on the outfit Katrina had picked out for her at the last shop they had visited.  She’d never worn latex before but Katrina had said it was the perfect outfit for her and she had to admit she was right.

When she finally finished getting ready, she grabbed the clutch put on the sun glasses (she still wasn’t sure about that) and walked out in to the hallway.  Half way to the living room she remember she was supposed to snap her fingers when she was ready.  She held up her hand and snapped them.

A wave of energy washed over her and suddenly she was horny.

She walked out in to the living room to find Katrina sitting naked on the couch.

Then Katrina snapped her fingers.

Diana walked over, fell to her knees and started licking Mistress Katrina’s pussy.