“Look, I know your aliens and all, but if you don’t let me go they’ll be hell to pay!” Lucinda shouted at the tall, fur covered creature above her.

She was strapped down to a table, the last thing she remembered was a bright light and then being here.

“The galactic treaty of 2169 clearly states no drive by abductions on treaty worlds!”

“You…” the alien pressed a button and Lucinda felt her who body catch on fire.

Minutes passed as she felt herself stretch out, her body mass shift around and her internal organs rearrange themselves.

When it stopped she blinked a few times and tried to get her bearings.  Before she could the second wave hit her and her mind caught fire as well.

Lucinda stood up from the table, naked and alone.  She looked at the table beside her and found some kind of clothes.  She put them on and inspected the changes. 

Before she’d been just a little under 5′9″, just under average for a normal woman these days, but now she was well over 6′ tall, closer to 7 if she had to guess.  Her old brown hair was gone, replaced by gold locks that flowed down past her shoulders.

Her face was different too, more angular, harder but more beautiful as well.

The outfit was strange, but felt somehow right, like she had worn it all her life.  It was black with a strange pattern on it.  It covered her lower half completely, but left most of her torso exposed.

The shoes had wings of all things and she held in her hand a short whip of some kind.

Then one of the aliens walked in.  He no longer towered over her, she towered over him.

“You bastard, I’m going to beat you…” she started to say but stopped as he suddenly darted across the room and grabbed the whip from her hand before she could even react.

Suddenly everything changed, she lowered her head and said “Master” as he lay the whip on her shoulder and she came hard.