Amilia walked our of the bathroom and back in to the main hall where the charity event was well underway.  She’d come with a friend of a friend who needed a date but she hadn’t seen him for several hours.

Her focus was on Johnathan.

She smoothed down her tight dress and double checked herself in the mirror by the bathroom entrance before she made a bee line back to him.

He was surrounded by several other people, making small talk and she rejoined the conversation.  Johnathan was popular at these events for two reasons; he was rich and he was single.

It didn’t matter to most of the ladies that were flirting with him that he was probably older then their fathers and it certainly didn’t matter to her.

She had an advantage the others didn’t, her mind.  She had majored in business and graduated at the top of her class, if it wasn’t for her backstabbing business partner she would be the CEO of the multi-millon dollar business they had started together.

But now she was broke, in debt to the lawyers and desperate.  So she had decided to fall back on the best asset she had left, her looks.

Some time later, she had whittled out the pretenders from the conversion and she had Johnathan all to herself. 

The conversation wander from topic to topic but she knew she had hit home when he suggested she come out to his boat on the weekend.

Amilia looked at the small barking dog and wanted to kick it.

“Oh, don’t worry about Max, he’s all bark, no bite.” Johnathan said as she stepped on to the boat.

“Oh I love dogs!” she replied with a forced smile.

“Good to hear, I love having pets around all the time.”

Johnathan called out to the caption to cast off and the boat started to leave the dock.

An hour later and the shore had disappeared completely while she had been talking with him.

She looked around and decided it was time for the unveiling.  She stood up and streched slightly as she pulled the loose belt free from her coverup and let it slide down her shoulders.

The tiny grey bikini it revealed left nothing to the imagination and she watch Johnathan’s eyes bulge just a bit.

“Can I get you something to drink Amilia?”

“Oh a sparkling water would be great.”

He walked in to the cabin and as soon as he did so the small dog sitting on the deck started to bark once more.  It growled and kept a stern eye on her the entire time until Johnathan returned with her drink.

“Thank you Johnathan.”

“My pleasure.”

She took a small sip and found the taste to be light and very good, she took a second and third as Johnathan resumed talking.

“You know, someone in my position has to be careful.  There are lots of people who just want to take advantage of an old man these days.”

Amilia wasn’t paying much attention as she tried to work out exactly what she was tasking, taking yet another sip from the glass.

“So I had my people do some digging, your really in deep trouble aren’t you?  You’ve burned so many bridges you don’t even have any friends left to help out.”

She gave up and simply gulped down the remaining liquid.  The she felt her body tingle and a wave of pleasure roll over her.  She let out a small gasp as it hit her brain.

“Of course, I’m sure you’ll agree as a business person, you can’t let an opportunity go by, so I’ve decided to help you out. 

Amilia looked down at her chest as it expanded, her bikini top straining to keep it contained.  She squirmed in her seat as she felt her bum growing as well.

Johnathan stood up and walked over beside her, he leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Remember how I said I liked having pets around?  Well your going to be my docile, loyal, obedient sex kitten.”

His hand slide down her breasts and all the way to her pussy, when he rubbed her clit her world exploded.

Ami sat beside Max on the deck in her usual spot.  Max was quite, long ago having realized Ami was no longer a threat to his owner.

Ami ran her fingers through her hair trying to maintain it as the wind kept blowing it all over the place.  She paused as soon as her owner appeared on deck.

He sat down on the chair and looked over to her, her face lit up and a broad smile crossed her lips as her pussy moistened.  He was looking at her, maybe he wanted her!

“Come here Ami, I’ve got a treat for you.”

Ami crawled over on all fours to him and found her treat waiting for her between his open rob.