She walked confidently out of the meeting with the bankers, throwing her suit jacket over her shoulder.

It had been the right thing to do, taking the jacket off during the meeting, she wanted to leave a good impression with the bankers to make sure her company got the loan it needed.

She was quite sure it had been the right decision to go topless today as well, it made sure the meeting didn’t get too formal for it’s own good.  And she had to say the other seemed to be in full agreement with her.

Of course these kinds of meetings were more than setting the right tone with everyone in the room, you had to get some real work done as well. 

She gotten right to it, getting down under the boardroom table and fishing each of the bankers stiff members from their pants and taking them in her mouth until each one had given her what she wanted.

She’d left her underling to finish up the detail, her work was done and he could handle the details now.

“As you can see gentlemen, the software works perfectly, she followed the instructions to the letter and doesn’t believe anything was out of place.  You can image the uses for this product in everything from employee retention to, well, I’ll let your imagination fill in the rest.

All I need is some startup cash to get the final development done, do I have your support?”

The bankers looked at each other and then the proposal again.

“Are you sure $2 million is enough?  Don’t underestimate your costs, perhaps $20 million would be a better number to start with.”