Kimberly sat on her therapists couch backwards, her legs in the air moving to and fro as he started the session.

At first she’d been skeptical therapy would help, but just talking had helped a little so she kept coming back.  When he had suggest some light hypnosis, she’d almost laughed out out, but after thinking about it a bit she decided it couldn’t hurt.

Those sessions went on for months and she had to admit they helped a lot.  She’d come out of her shell, started wearing makeup and even coloured her hair!

She’d gone from a virtual shut in to actually being able to go out to a bar and have a conversation with a complete stranger.

Of course the latest therapeutic technique he’d come up with had been the real breakthrough. 

He was just about to begin and she looked up at him and parted her lips as the therapeutic tool touched her lips and pressed it’s way to the back of her throat.

She worked it hard, knowing she had to fully participate in the therapy if she wanted to get the full benefits of it.

She felt the tool stiffen even further as it delivered its medicine, she did all she could to get every last drop out of it as her body reacted to it and spammed as the full benefit of the therapy washed over her.