Cynthia looked over to her boyfriend and glared at him, “What do you mean I ‘can’t’ go out with my girlfriends?” she asked pointedly.

Of course she wasn’t actually going out with the girls tonight, only an idiot would believe that line with the dress she was wearing.  No she was going out to meet John who she’d been having an affair with for the last few months.

But Mark was spineless and she knew he’d back down.  She’d have to finally dump him soon enough, just as soon as she found someone who could afford to keep her in the same style as Mark could.

She clicked the compact closed and stood up, eyes firmly fixed on Mark.  So much so she didn’t even notice the small black device he pulled out of his pocket.

When his eyes fell downwards, she thought she’d won again until she suddenly froze mid stride.  That’s when she noticed what he was holding.  She watched him press and hold a button as he pointed it directly at her.  She felt a warmth spread across her chest and her skin tighten.

She still couldn’t move her head but she cast her gaze downwards just in time to watch her dress pull away from her body as her breasts ballooned outward.

They stopped when Mark released the button.

He pressed another button, again holding it down and this time a tingle in the back of her mind started.  It continued and she soon realized what was happening, she was getting very horny.

By the time Mark released the button, her pussy was wet and she was breathing hard.

By the time she realized she could move again, she’d already dropped to her knees and had fished Mark’s cock out of his pants.  She managed to look up and him, confusion crossed her face as her mouth hung half open just inches from his dick.

Before she could form the words, she felt his hand on the back of her head, pushing it forward.  When his tip touched her lips, the confusion vanished, replaced with a burning need.