George walked out of the bar and in to the bright sunlight, the dark clouds that approached seemed almost to be held at bay but he could see the rain falling in the distance.

He stumbled around back to find his car and was amazed at the glorious rainbow that streamed down from above and seemed to land directly on his beat up wreak.  He paused only for a moment before inserting the key to open his door.

“Hey now there fella, where do you think you’re going with my treasure?!”

George looked around by saw no one so he turned the key, then he felt the kick on his shin.

“Don’t make me repeat myself bub!”

George looked down and saw the small green leprechaun standing beside his leg.  Confused he didn’t respond.

“Ay!  They just get stupider every century don’t they!”

“But… your…”

“Ay, yes.. a  You can say it if you use your big boy words.”

“Well, yes but, your a female leprechaun!”

“Of course I am, where else did ye think baby leprechaun’s came from?”

“Sorry, ok, but what do you mean your treasure?”

“Do ye not know anything boy?  A leprechaun’s treasure is always at the end of the rainbow, right where this fine automobile is, so it is clearly *MY* treasure!”

George shook his groggy head, it made some kind of sense, but something seemed wrong with that.

“But I’ve got the keys!”

“Ay, that you do, perhaps you’d like to trade something for them?”

“You mean wishes?”

“Gods, this one is stupider than I thought possible, of course wishes!”


“No, they are just keys, I already have my treasure but I could do one for ye.”

“Make it two.”

“Not so stupid after all are ye, two it is.  What is ye first wish?”

“I wish the red headed ladies of Ireland would find me irresistible.”

“A really ladies man are ye?  Your wish is granted!” a puff of smoke enveloped George for a moment before the leprechaun continued, “Ye second wish?” 

“I wish you were a beautiful lady.”

“What!” the leprechaun let out a cry as the puff of smoke consumed her, when it cleared she stood before him, tall and slender, with a shiny green dress on.

“Now why in the seven realms would you wish for that!”

“Oh come now, you don’t care about that anymore.”  George replied, taking her hand, “We should get to know each other more.  What’s your name?”

“Oh, ah, Liddy!” she responded, feeling a rush run through her.

George smiled as he pulled her in tight to him and a gasp escaped her lips.

Sure his car was a wreak, but it was his wreak and he’d be dammed if someone else was going to lay claim to it as their own treasure!