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Clare lowered herself down on to the carpet to start her daily meditation, her joints creaked and popped as she tried to cross her legs to get in to the lotus position.

A louder than usual crack and a shooting pain stopped her in her tracks as she released her leg and felt the throbbing pain coming from her knee.  Rubbing both sides of her kneecap she sighed, at 55 her body no longer moved like it use to.

Clare limped her way home from work, her knee was killing her after yesterday and worse of all she hadn’t gotten to meditate at all.

As walked to the subway but as she did she noticed a new shop had just opened up and paused in front of it.  Across the front widows was a simple sign, “Nanosuits”.

She’d always said she’d never use one, but they were so common now and all her friends had used them, she was the last hold out.

She frowned as her knee throbbed again and she went inside.

After slipping the nanosuit on, Clare started the controller and quickly found the overview.  The screen showed an overall view of her body, a bright red spot covered her injured knee.  She tapped it and quickly selected the “repair” option.

Her knee immediately stopped hurting and the red quickly faded from red to green and then vanished.

She scrolled through the menus and decided if she was going to use it she might as well take a few years off her body as well.

A few minutes later, she had dropped 20 years and 20 pounds.

Looked at some of the other options she found a category titled “Meditation and Relaxation”.  She selected it and found a quick summary that told her the nanosuit could be used to improve meditation and relaxation.

She found an option called “renewed and refreshed” and selected it.  Her now younger body easily twisted in to the lotus position and she started her meditation.

She found herself quickly getting in to a good place and she stayed there for a long time.  When she finally came out, she was amazed at how she felt, the nanosuit had really helped.

“Hey Clare, you look great!  Finally splurged on a nanosuit?”

“Oh, hi Jim.  Yea I guess they’re not so bad.” she replied.  Jim was one of her neighbours and had been on the nanosuit bandwagon very early, he was a good 10 years older than her but now looked 10 years younger.

Before the nanosuits had become available he’d hit on her several times but she’d turned him down.

“I didn’t think you’d every come around!  Good for you.  Let me know if you need any help with it, I’ve got some great custom meditation programs.”

“Thanks Jim, I’ll let you know.”