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Clare couldn’t believe how much better meditation had been the last few weeks, she’d explored so many of the programs the nanosuit had.

Each one seemed to be better than the last and it had really helped at work and in her personal life as well.  She was happier and more rested, she was having fun for the first time in years!

She’d seem Jim in the lobby the other day and she’d remembered he telling her about the custom meditation programs he had and so she’d asked him if she could have a couple.

He’d smiled and said he’d drop one in her mail slot.  When she’d picked up her mail today, she’d found a plain brown envelope with “From Jim” scrawled across it.

Inside the envelope was a memory card and after she’d put on her nanosuit she installed it in her controller.  A message popped up “Warning, running programs from untrusted sources may be hazardous.  Are you sure you want to continue?”

She clicked “Ok” and browsed the programs Jim had included on the card.  She selected the first one and started to get down on the floor to start her meditation.

Halfway down she stopped as the nanosuit started to change from clear to black.  She stood back up as the nanosuit came up her neck and formed around her head.

By the time her hands reached her cheeks it had completely enclosed her.  She tried to remember where the controller was but when she tried to move to get it she found herself unable to move an inch.

Unable to move, she realized her body was changing.  She felt her waist contract, her breasts balloon out.  She was so focused on her body she didn’t notice the nanosuit invading her mind.

Jim waited outside of Clare’s door for several minutes, he’d received the notification a few minutes ago and headed right over.

He heard the lock on the door click and the door open, Clare stood in the hallway, the black nanosuit covered her head to toe and she stepped aside and let him enter her apartment.