Julia sat in the shade by herself, she didn’t know any of John’s work friends and there were so many people around.  She had simply faded away in to the background when he’d left her alone to talk shop with some of the guys.

It was the annual company 4th of July picnic and people had dressed in festive outfits plastered in the star spangled banner, but she had just worn a plain white sun dress, not wanting to stand out.

She leaned against the tree and watched the rest of the group for a distance, she didn’t hear him approach until after she felt something being placed on her head.

“Not very festive for such an important day, why don’t you come with me and I’m sure I’ll get you in the mood.”

She was going to tell him she was here with her boyfriend but instead she found herself walking away from the picnic with him.

Julia looked up and over her should just like the photographer had instructed.

She’d also applied the heavy makeup and curled her hair over the last few hours, exactly as he had told her to.

The flash of the camera activated again as she tried for what seemed like the thousandths time to move her arms up and remove the hat.  The result was the same though as her hand remained stationary at her sides.

“Ok now, turn and face me, push your breasts tighter and give me a big smile.”

Her body followed the order to the letter.

Flash, flash, flash.

“Now take the top off, put your finger to your mouth and give me your best ‘I don’t know what happened?’ look.”

Julia pulled the top off and her thick, stiff nipples stood at attention.

Flash, flash, flash.

“Now take the pants off and let’s see your pussy spread wide with a nice knowing smirk.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“Now warp those ruby red lips around my dick and suck until the fireworks go off.”

Flash, flash, flash.

Julia stood by the tree in the dark, hadn’t it been sunny just a moment ago?

She looked around and saw that just about everyone had already left but she saw John looking around.  She raised her hand to wave at him and caught is attention, he started right towards her.

She smiled as he approached, licking her lips slightly, for some reason she’d had a good time today enough though she couldn’t quite remember why.