Katrina walked out to the photoshoot, the bikini barely covering anything.  Not that there was really much to cover, her small breasts and skinny bum had severed her well as a high fashion model but these days jobs where hard to come by.

Jim had suggested doing some new still in a slightly different vein to try and broaden her appeal, hence the bikini, but she still wasn’t convinced.

She posed for several shots and they used some props, including a ridiculously oversized chain “necklace”.

“Ok, Katrina, let’s take five.  You look parched, there’s some water on the table over there.

“Thanks Jim.” she replied and walked over and grabbed a bottle.

She twisted the cap off and took a sip, not noticing it came off easily without making a snapping noise.

Jim walked over as she tilted her head back, her short, perfectly styled hair not moving an inch as she took a deep swig from the bottle.

By the time he was beside her, she’d finished the entire bottle and that’s when she felt the changes start.  Her breasts started to tingle as well as her scalp and bum.

She gasped as the tingle intensified and she look at Jim with a questioning look.  Before he said anything she felt her bikini tightened as a cascade of hair touched her back.

By the time Jim spoke, the tingle had reached her mind and her gasp changed to a moan.

“Sorry Katrina, the industry’s changed and it’s time you changed with it.  From now on your going to be focusing on any job I get for you, whether it’s modeling, a gogo girl, an adult video shoot or just fucking for money.  Isn’t that right Kati?”

Kati’s mind popped as she orgasmed and the changes finished.

“Now let’s start the photoshoot again, this time start stripping.

Kati giggled and walked back out to the lights, she undid the bikini top and let it drop to the floor as she through a look back to Jim as the flash went off and her nipples hardened atop her huge new tits.