Jasmin sat in the library studying, well not really studying so much as just twirling her blonde hair waiting for her tutor to arrive.

She was failing chemistry and really need to find a geek to do her homework for her so she could focus on the cheer squad for the football team.  The campus tutor group had set her up with someone via e-mail and they’d agreed to meet here.

When he arrived right on time, Jasmin knew she’d found her perfect “helper” for her chemistry problem.  His thick glasses and preppy attire screamed geek.

“Hi Jasmin, I’m Joey, are you ready to get started?”

“Sure Joey.”

He spend some time walking her through the course material and she flirted with him for a while as well.  When their time was almost up, she pounced.

“Joey, this really helped, but I have this report due next week and I just have to get a good mark on it or there’ll be no hope!” she said with her best puppy dog look.

“Why don’t you give it a try and we can meet on the weekend to go over it.  Say Saturday afternoon at 3, right here again?”

“Sure, ok, see you then.” she said, knowing she wouldn’t do anything on the report but not happy he hadn’t agreed to do it right then and there.

Jasmin laid it on pretty thick on Saturday afternoon, bringing the half page of ramblings of her “report” for Joey to review.

She had to admit he was patient and just smiled at her when he finished reading it.  He walked her through the martial again, but about half way though she’d lost her concentration when her pussy had started to heat up.  By the time they finished she could hardly stand it and rushed right back to her dorm room to masturbate.

That night she had the strangest dreams, which seemed to focus on Joey.

Jasmin walked in to the library and saw Joey already at their table.  She’d put on something a little different than she normally wore but she though Joey might like it more.

She’d pulled her blonde hair back in to a tight pony tail and worn a plain white sun dress instead of her normally bright coloured attire.

She walked over and sat down beside him and they started reviewing the material, as the session went on she found herself getting closer and closer to him as the heat coming from her pussy increased.

Jasmin waited for Joey to arrive, she been there for a while and she checked her makeup again.  She’d gone to the salon this week and done here hair back to it’s original dark brown.  While she was out she’d found a nice dark grey dress she was sure Joey would like.

She continued reading the text book, she’d found Joey’s tutoring had really helped and she was understanding her class work a lot more.  She’d even managed to hand in her latest report after quitting the cheer squad had freed up a lot of her time.

When Joey arrived she smiled broadly and they started to work.  She snuggled up right next to him, unable to keep her hands off of him.

Jasmin finished her book and went back to the stacks to find another.  She adjusted her glasses, having decided to get rid of her contacts earlier that week.  She’d gone to the optometrist that week and gotten the best pair of glasses that she just knew Joey would love them.

She heard the foot steps at the end of the stack and looked up, Joey was standing there and she smiled.

She stood up and smoothed down her black dress before walking over to Joey and throwing her arms around him in a hug.

He returned the favour and to her surprise, he kissed her.  Her already inflamed passion exploded and she pushed her tongue in to his mouth.  He pushed her towards the back of the stack and up against the wall as his hands found her ass and squeezed.

He twisted around so he was against the wall and grabbed the back of her head and pulled her from his mouth and she moaned.

She felt his hand on her shoulder and he gently pushed her down to her knees.  He unzipped his pants and his hard dick popped out.  Her lips found it’s tip and she took it in to her mouth.

She looked up at Joey as she worked his cock in and out of her through, she knew she no longer needed him to tutor her, but she did know exactly what she did need from him and was sure she’d be getting it soon.