Casey couldn’t believe she was signing the medical release papers.  Just two months ago she’d been the head of the finance department at the casino when she’d found some irregularities. 

She’d called in the manager responsible for the department, Doug, to discuss it but instead she had found herself agreeing to have dinner with him to discuss it further.

Several more lunches and dinners followed but they never seemed to get around to talking about it.  Instead she found the discussion focusing on her.

At 26 she had risen quickly through the finance department and always maintained a very conservative image to counter her young age.

But when Doug had suggested dressing a little more fashionably, she’d found herself buying a whole new wardrobe.

Work out at the gym some more, sure.

Let her hair down and get extensions, why not.

Accept a new position in the Client Services as a VIP hostess?  Ok.

Go to the plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation?  Where do I sign.

And apparently why she signed as right there in front of her.  She finished the paper work and looked up at Doug.

“Like, did I do alright Doughy?”

“You sure did doll, you’re be the most popular hostess at the casino in no time with those big new fake tits.”

“Oh goody!” she replied and bounced over to him.  She wrapper her arm around him and kissed him passionately.”

He twirled her around and bent her over the table where the papers still sat.  She felt her dress being pulled up her legs and over her ass and she squealed in excitement.

As he fucked her the table rocked back and forth, sending the papers flying to the ground but she didn’t care, instead she called out to him to fuck her hard and faster.

Her new tits would certainly help, but she knew to be the most popular hostess took more than just big tits.  It required her clients to feel like she was getting the best sex of her life when they fucked her. She knew there was no better way to learn how too fake it with them than to really experience it with Doughy as much as possible.