Kim rolled over in bed and stretched out, suddenly realizing, what’s his name wasn’t beside her.

John, that was his name, John.  She smiled as the memories from the club came back.  He was kind of cute, she was kind of drunk and he was the best dressed guy there so she’d taken him home for the night.

“At least he knew enough to leave before I woke up.” she said out loud.

She rolled back and found the note and lollipop on the pillow beside her.

Had a great time last night, give me a call some time…

John 555-555-5555

That right, he’d been doing some kind of promotion with the lollipop.

She crumpled up the note and tossed it towards the garbage can but smacked her lips a couple of times and unwrapped the treat he’d left.

She rolled on to her back and licked it, once, twice, three times before she realized something was wrong.  She tried to pull it out of her mouth but her hand wouldn’t obey and instead pushed it in and she sucked on it.

Soon she was half way through the lollipop and she her whole body tingling.  She was focused on the lollipop though, sliding it in and out, licking it up and down with her, now, plump lips.  Her moans escaping around the candy treat.

She didn’t even notice her rock hard nipples straining against the tight white fabric that covered her new massive tits.

When John walked back in to the bedroom he walked over to the bed and sat down beside her squirming body.  He pushed the small tee-shirt up over her globes and took a nipple between his thumb and forefinger, giving it a twist, which produced an even louder moan as she arched her back.

“Wow Kim, those tits came in better than I could have hoped for.  Your going to be the best little Asian party slut around, always showing off those tits to anyone who wants to see them.”

Kim’s mind hazed over in a pink fog as she reached the end of the lollipop and the orgasm burned away her old life.