The Milkshakes-a-Go-Go’s renovation was complete, like many businesses it had had to update it’s style to keep up with the times.  Gone was the wood paneling and quint chairs and tables, replaced with stainless steel and mirrors.

Gone too were the flannel shirts and denim shorts, replaced by a plethora of different styles.  The only rule was it had to be legal.

Rick sat at the table and smiled, Rachel had brought her friend, Aimee, in for an interview.

“Like honest boss, she’s a real good worker!” Rachel said standing beside her friend.

“I don’t know Rachel, she doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the staff.  I mean has she even had a pill yet?”

“Oh, yea boss, totally!”

Aimee smiled a dumbly as she could and let out a little giggle.  She’d been trying to get a job for months but nobody was hiring women these days for fear they would fall victim to the pill.

Except for jobs where being a victim of the pill was a good thing of course, like the Milkshake-a-Go-Go.

She’d been living with Rachel for several months before she’d been slipped the pill and with a bit of coaching she was sure she’d be able to get a job here.

“Well, ok, we’ll give her a shift and see how she does.”

Rachael jumped up and down and hugged her tightly and Aimee reciprocated to keep up appearances.

Aimee let out a long breath as she flopped down on t the chair after her shift.  It had been worse than she had expected, she could deal with the stares and lewd comments and propositions.  Even the hands grabbing at her she could put up with.

What was the worst was the disparaging remarks about her body that she hadn’t expected.  Tiny tits, boney bitch, pale pretender. 

She waited for Rachel to finish cleaning up behind the bar when Rick came out with three Milkshakes.

“Hey Rachel, I brought your favourite, strawberry!” she said holding them up.  Rachael jiggled her way over to the table and took the shake and started sucking immediately.

Rick held out another shake for her, “Gosh, like thanks Rick.  Can I like have that one?” she said, pointing at third shake he was holding back for himself.

“Sure, here you go.”

Aimee giggle again and took the shake and paused briefly until Rick had start to drink his.  She too a sip and the taste of banana assaulted her tongue.  But there was something else and so she sucked another taste up the straw to her mouth.

By the time she looked up and saw Rick’s cheesier like grin she knew something was wrong but it was too late and she sucked even harder.

“Silly girl, Rachael couldn’t keep a secret like that even before I told her I’d let her suck my dick if she told me.”

Aimee tried to stop sucking but to no avail, she was sure she’d prepped Rachel well enough!

“And the whole, I’ll take the other one.  Come on, don’t you know the pill only effects women?”  he said as Aimee felt the changes start.

He pushed the milkshake he’d only take a sip or two from over too her just as she felt her hair touch her shoulders and her breasts start to push hard against her top.

She just recognized the sound of the shake running out as she felt Rick push the empty glass away and replace it with his.

Racheal had finished her own shake as Aimee started her second, “So, like, did I do good boss?”

“Yes Rachael, you did good, now come over and get your reward.”

“Goodie!” she replied and dropped to her knees, eager to get to suck Rick’s dick, just like he’d promised her.