Emily walked in to the therapists office and squinted at the bright lights.  She’d been coming to see him for several months now after her breakup with her last boyfriend.

She’d dumped him after one night he’d suggested they make a sex tape, just for themselves he said.  She threw him out that night, she’d put up with his constant need for sex for too long, after all who needed it more than once a month?

She’d gone to her friends therapist the next week to talk threw it and he’ d suggest a new technique she’d never tried before.  She was sceptical at first, but after a few weeks she’d become a complete believer.

Things had gone well with her sessions, though last month when he’d moved to his new office, she had almost stopped coming due to the extra travel.  But after the first session had gone even better than those before it she decided to keep coming.

She unbuttoned her blouse and neatly drapped it over the back of the chair and did the same with her skirt.  Her bra and panties followed, placed on the seat of the chair.  She looked in the mirror and quickly touched up her heavy makeup she’d applied before coming to the appointment. 

She’d been to the salon that morning and her hair was still perfect so she walked over to the couch and laid down and the bright lights illuminated the room for the cameras.

Her therapy started as the muscular man walked on to the set, his large cock hanging free as he moved towards her.

Her eyes were fixed on the large dick as it swayed in front of her until her lips finally took it in to her mouth and she prepared the therapy tool to be properly used on her.