“Like, was my hair always this colour?” Kelly asked.

“Of course honey, what other colour would it have been?” Ben responded as he fiddled with the remote.

“Gawd, like I don’t know.  Maybe brown or some other yucky colour?”

“I don’t think so Kelly, hang on a sec.” he said as he pushed and held a button on the remote.”

“Oooooohhhhhhhh!” moan Kelly as he shirt lifted up and apart as her breasts expanded.

Kelly looked down and then back up at Ben, still holding her hair in her hand, just in time to she him press another button.

She felt her lips swell as she gasped and the air flowing over them caused a tingle in her pussy.

“There we go Kelly, now what were you asking again?”

Kelly looked up again to see Ben standing naked in front of her.  The tingling in her pussy intensified 100 fold as her eyes landed on his hardening dick.

“Mmmmm… like what?” she said half dazed.

“You wanted to know something, you had a question you wanted to ask me.”

Kelly dropped down to her knees so she could get a better look, she moved closer for the same reason.

“Yea… like… can I suck your cock?” she said, her plump lips almost touching the tip.

“Well sure Kelly, since your right there anyway.”

Kelly didn’t wait for him to finish his sentence before she’d wrapped her lips around her focus, her question answered.