Mary stood by the balcony waiting.  She didn’t know what she was waiting for but she knew it was important. 

That had happened a lot since she met Bill a few weeks ago at the mall.  At first she’d thought it funny, the older man hitting on someone so much younger.  Then she had thought it was creepy and told him to leave.  But instead he just kept talking and soon enough she found herself listening more and more intently.

And then he was gone.

She’d finished her shopping, gone back to her car and sat behind the steering wheel and waiting.  It wasn’t until Bill opened the passenger door and sat down that she realized she’d been waiting for him.

He’d talked constantly as she drove until she’d pull up in front of a large house and stopped.  He’d left the care without saying another word and she drove away.

That Friday night she’d planned on curling up on the coach with a movie, but for some reason had spent several hours getting all dolled up in a little black dress.  When she had finished, she stood by her front door and waited.

When the knock came, she opened the door to see Bill in a black suit and tie.  He extended his arm and she knew she’d been waiting for him again.

Now, waiting once more, she heard the front door open and close but she stood perfectly still.  She didn’t see Bill until he walked in front of her and sat down in the chair.

Then she realized what she had been waiting for, taking a few steps to her left, she stood in front of Bill, dropped to her knees and carefully unzipped his pants.

What she’d been waiting for was important, the most important thing in her life, just as Bill had told her so many times.  She pressed her lips against it and a shutter of bliss ran through her body.

She parted her lips slightly and slid it in to her mouth, taking it safely into her.  After all it was the most important thing in the world and she couldn’t think of a safer place for it to be than inside of her.