Nancy worked the control for the nanosuit with expert hands, she’d been a computer geek all her life and the controls presented little trouble even to novices.

Satisfied it was functioning, she placed it down beside her computer and connected the data cable and booted up her hacking tools.

The next few hours provided no results but she’d known they were notoriously hard to hack so she was surprised.

She spent the next several days working on it without any luck when a system update came down from the factory and she watched the process intently.

When it was finished she had an idea and spent several hours writing code before she was ready.

She ran her program and watched the controller go in to maintenance mode and start downloading her hack.  She smiled until an error popped up on screen.

“Warning, invalid code, hacking attempt detected!  Factory reset in progress.”

Before she finished read she felt the nanosuit come alive and she lost consciousness.

Rob looked around as his gas tank filled, out of the corner of his eye he saw the pretty blonde in the nanosuit jogging down the sidewalk.

As she drew closer he could see something was off, her gate was too perfect, her exposed hands looked to be limp and her eyes were closed.

She came to the corner and turned down the street as Rob finished pumping his gas.

The nanosuit factory was just down the road she had turned on to and so he didn’t give it much thought, but back in Nancy’s apartment, the controller flashed a status message:

“Factory reset failed, activating factory return mode.

As per the end user agreement, any attempt at altering this units program will result in forfeiture of personhood and assignment of ownership of the user to the company.”