After the meeting with the bankers things had moved quickly.  With the new investors she’d had to make some changes around the office, giving more authority to the underlings.

That freed up more of her time to focus on keeping the investors happy.  The weekly meetings at the bank had been a good start, each week she met with one of the senior managers and explained the progress the company had made.

The bankers had been very demanding over the last few months, each time she met with them their questions had been more and more probing.  Going deeper and deeper in to her business.

When she’d called to setup this weeks meeting she’d been surprised when they told her the bank president himself would be meeting with her and the meeting would be at his home, not the bank.

She knew this was an important meeting, so she’d spend the rest of the week getting ready for the meeting.  A day at the salon followed by another day shopping for the perfect outfit to make an impression on him.

She pulled up to the mansion having spent the entire trip reviewing the spreadsheets as the underling had driven her. 

She blinked a few times and handed the tablet back to him and stepped out of the car, a man started down the steps she didn’t recognize.

“Good afternoon miss, I’m the butler, would you please come this way.”

It was a statement, not a questions and she took his hand and started up the stairs, looking back momentarily as the car drove away.

She walked through the door and in to the large foyer.  The butler led her through it and in to a large den where the bank president sat behind a large desk.

Without a word the butler left and closed the door, she walk over in front of the desk, placed her hands flat on it and leaned forward to make sure he had a good view of her cleavage.

“Good afternoon sir, I’m so eager to tell you all about how the company is doing.”

He smiled, swivelled his chair to one side and patted his lap.

She stood back up and walked around the desk, turned around and sat down in his lap.  She half turned and placed her arm around his shoulders.  She leaned in and gently kissed his lips, holding it long enough to feel his dick hardening.

She pulled back slightly and then brushed her cheek along his until her lips were right beside his ear.

“As you can see sir,” she whispered to him, “I’ve been fully programmed to be your trophy wife just as you requested.  Simply command me in any way and I’ll be happy to fulfill your every want and desire.”

She felt his hand slide up under her dress and squeeze her breast, she moaned in response and pulled back to kiss him again, this time using her tongue.

He pushed up off his lap and said “Dance” so she did, moving slowly and sexily as she undressed.  When she was naked, he stood up and pulled her to him.

He turned her around and pushed her down on to the desk, she wiggled her ass as he dropped his pants and then grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands.

She felt his hand raise up and slap down on to her ass again, “God that feels good!” she cried out.

He pushed his fingers in to her pussy followed shortly afterwards by his dick.  She moaned and buck as he fucked her until he finally unloaded in her.

Her orgasm rushed over her at the same time as his and she slumped forward on to the desk in bliss.

“Best investment the bank has ever made.” he said, landing another smack on her ass.

She giggled slightly, a warm feeling of satisfaction moving through her body knowing she’d been once more successful at presenting the companies results to the investors.