Karen sat on the stool, the microphone just a few inches away from her lips and strummed her guitar.  

The lounge was mostly empty, Sunday afternoon not being a popular time for country music but any time on stage was better than her regular work waitressing.

She shuffled slightly as the tight jeans were uncomfortable but along with the plaid shirt were pretty much a uniform for aspiring country stars.

She looked out at the tables as she played, the few people having lunch applauded politely as she finished her song.

“Thank you, this next song means a lot to me, I hope you enjoy it as well.” she said, brushing a strand of her long brown hair out of the way.

Just as she was about to start, Patrick caught her eye as he entered the lounge.  She smiled a little and started her song, she owned him a lot for getting her stage time, but he’d hit on her last week and she’d had to politely decline.  As the lounge manager at the casino, she’d been afraid he’d kick her out but he seemed fine with it and she’d been invited back this week.

She completed two more songs before taking a break and Patrick met her at one of the tables right beside the stage.

“Hi Patrick, how are you?”

“Good, your playing well today.” he said, reaching out and touching her hand before she could pull it away.

A sudden jolt raced up her arm and tickled the back of her neck before reaching her mind.

“Thanks… I really appreciate the opportunity.”

They spoke for a few more minutes before Karen returned to the stage and started again.  Patrick stayed at the table and listened and for some reason she couldn’t keep her eyes off of him.

When she finished her set, she joined him again and picked up the conversation right where they’d left off.  

It was several hours later when Patrick had asked her out again, but this time she immediately said yes.

Karen looked down at the guitar and tried to pick it up once again.

After a moment she let it rest against the wall once more and thought about the last time she’d played it.  Patrick had been there and afterwards they’d talked for hours.  

She’d agreed to a date the next night and he’d picked her up for dinner at her place.  When she’d opened the door he stood there with a wide grin on his face and her whole body had vibrated in the most pleasant way.

She didn’t remember much about the dinner, but she still remembered afterwards in the car.  As soon as he’d sat down in the drivers seat, she’d leaned over and kissed him!  He’d pushed his tongue in to her mouth and she’d done the same.  They’d made out in the back seat like teenagers until she’d finally managed to get his pants off and give him a blowjob.

After that night she’d sworn she wouldn’t see him again, even if it meant not performing, but when he called the next day she’d agreed to another date before she’d even realized it.

When he’d shown up to her house, she opened the door and almost had an orgasm just at the sight of him.  Instead of going out, she dragged him in to the living room and she’d literally begged him to fuck her.

After she’d promised to do anything he wanted, be anything he wanted, he’d plunged his dick in to her sopping wet pussy and the orgasm that exploded throughout her body left her no doubt she meant every word of it.

So when he told her to dye her hair blonde, she’d happily agreed.

Get rid of the plaid shirts and jeans?  No problem.

Pink would be her new favourite colour?  Of course.

Replace her runners with high heels?  4″ enough or should she go 6″?

Go to the plastic surgeon and get a boob job?  Sure, how big should she go?

Karen looked down at the guitar again just as Patrick walked in to the room.  She looked up at him and smiled, completely forgetting about the guitar but looking forward to the beautiful music that he would make as he played her body like a finely tuned instrument.