Donna couldn’t believe she’d let John drag her to the stupid goth party, let alone convince her to put in the fangs.

Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, some guy had come up to her after he’d left her alone to talk with his friends.  She’d started to put him off but before she could finish he’d produced a small hat from nowhere and plopped it on her head.

She instinctively tried to knock it off, but found her hand stuck, just inches from the thing and refusing to complete it’s arch.

“Hey, what…” she started.

“Oh don’t worry about that, just stay nice and calm and quite and follow me.”

She went to throw a punch at him, but instead her body stood up and followed him as he walked out in to the night.

Donna peered thought the lacy veil she’d put on just a few minutes ago and right in to the camera.  That wasn’t quite right, he’d told her to put it on and her body had done so, but SHE refused to believe she’d put it on herself.

“Ok, that’s good, now just part your lips a bit so I can see the fangs.”

Flash, flash, flash.

She opened her blood red lips, like the veil, her body had applied it for her.

“Ok, now, your a vampire and you desperately need to suck on someone.”

Flash, flash, flash.

Donna narrowed her eyes slightly and focused in on him.

“That’s good, now push out your chest a bit and lick your top lip slowly.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“Now you need to sneak up on your pray so get down on all fours.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“That’s good, but you need to use your powers to blend in and so you need to get naked.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“That’s good, now crawler over slowly to make sure your pray doesn’t get spooked.”

Flash, flash, flash.

“Perfect, now that your right between your prays legs, nothing can stop you from sucking him dry.”

Flash, flash, flash.

Donna looked around the club and didn’t see John but something seemed different.  She moved her tongue around her mouth and over the fake fangs, pulling a small hair from between them.

A small shiver ran through her as she pulled it out and let it fall to the floor, just as John walked back in looking worried for some reason.

It didn’t matter she decided, it looked like the party was just about over and that was all that matter to her really.