Krista walked down her hall to the spare room, or as it was now, her therapy room.  She’d been seeing the therapist for several months and when he suggested setting up the spare room as a sanctuary from her everyday troubles it seemed like a perfect idea.

At first she’d left the room mostly as it was, just moving some of the extra furniture out of it.  Then the therapist has suggested a few additional changes and so she’d taken out the rest of items and found a perfect couch to use.

Before the new couch had arrived, she’d done some extra work on the floor and walls as well.

Her first session in the therapy room had gone well and she had felt completely refreshed when she left, but she had felt something was still missing.

She’d been out shopping when she’d first seen the gloves and knew she had to have them, she went in to the store and found so many things she’d never known she wanted.

Krista reclined on her couch and waited, fully relaxed to get the full experience out of her therapy session.

A few moments later the light came on the camera and Krista turned her head and looked straight at it.  She rose up off the couch and walked over to the laptop and read the therapy instructions.

She turned and started to dance, slowly moving her hips and approached the couch again.  She bent over at the waist and placed one hand on the couch and  the other found her wet pussy and parted it’s lips for the camera to see.

She pushed herself down on to the couch and pushed her ass as far up as she could.  She reached under the couch and pulled out a large red dildo, it was her favorite therapy tool and as soon as it slide in to her pussy she let out a long, loud moan.

She worked it shallowly in and out while she made small whimpering sounds until finally she pushed in in deeply, calling out the name from the instructions.

She sped up her efforts and the words tumbled from her lips without any thought.

“Fuck me hard Henry.”

“Your cock is so big Henry, I want it all!”

“Fuck your slut deep baby.”

The alert from the computer let he know the session was almost up and so she pushed hard and let herself come.

She let her arms collapse beside her as the light on the camera dimmed and vanished.

She smiled and turned over, another relaxing therapy session complete.