Icy watch the sunset from her floating ice raft and felt relief as the LA summer heat faded and the cool ocean breeze washed over her.  She enjoyed these moments the few times she managed to get away from work.

The rest of the girls still hadn’t forgiven her, though they seemed closer now than a few months ago, a few of them had even come out to LA and let her lick their pussies until the came!

Icy looked out with a quizzical look as the water started to shimmer in the distance.  It grew more pronounced and started to approach her ice raft as the sun finally set in the distance.

When it reached her, the water broke and Veloma, queen of the sea stood astride two dolphins, her trident pointed directly at Icy.

“IceLase, you have entered my domain and since your master is not here, I shall take out my wrath on you!” Veloma yelled and hurled a fountain of water at her.

Icy dodged just in time but the raft too the brunt of the force and broke up beneath her.  She quickly froze a new section of sea water and jumped on to it.  She turned to Veloma just in time to see another guiser launch towards her.

She focused on the water and pushed her power to freeze it in place.  It halted and then broke up and fell back to the sea.

“Like Veloma, stop that!  I’m totally not your enemy!”

Veloma made no response and hurdled another attack towards her.  Icy once again dodged and extended her new raft even farther.  

Before Veloma could get another volley off, Icy quickly formed a large snow ball and hurdled it directly at it.

Veloma managed to dodge the attack but lost her balance on the slippery backs of the dolphins and splashed back in to the see.

Icy quickly and with all her might froze the entire sea around Veloma, encasing her completely in ice.  Icy took a deep breath as the large ice cube floated to the surface and bobbed in the water as the ocean waves rolled in.

“Like, did I do good doc?” Icy asked.

“Yes, Icy, very good.”  Dr. Taylor responded, studying the large block of ice on the table in his lab.

Veloma was completely immobilized and the doctor wanted to keep it that way.

“Ok, Icy, time to de-ice her head.”

Icy concentrated, trying not to be distracted by Lady Justice and Miss United standing so close, all she wanted to do was drop to her knees and lick their pussies, but the Doc had given her an order so she followed it as best she could.

The ice receded, exposing Veloma’s head but stopped just blow her lower lip.  Veloma stired and bliked several times.

“Wh…wh….aaa…” she managed to get out before the doctor placed the programming helmet over head and activated it.

Velly stood in front of the all with backdrop holding her new trident in one hand and brushed her hair back with the other.  She smiled as the camera light came to life.

“Like hi guys, welcome to my show!”

Velly waved and giggled.

“I’ve totally got a special friend I want to introduce to you…” she said, giving an exaggerated wave for Icy to come in front of the camera.

“Icy!” she said and hugged her best friend.  Soon they were kissing and entwined with each other on the floor.

Eventually Icy got a hold of the trident and found the bulbous pommel slide perfectly in to Velly’s pussy, after that it didn’t take long for Velley to come in a screaming orgasm.

Icy was so happy to be back at the embassy with all her friends, they’d been so grateful when she’d brought Velly to Dr. Tayler that they let her come home again.