Kassandra looked over at Roger as he walked to the bathroom and knew she’d be dumping him tomorrow.  He was a nice guy and all but the sex wasn’t very good and it wasn’t like he was rich or anything.

She’d laid there completely still for him and all he’d done was stick it in her, pump as hard as he could for as long as he could and then when he was finished, rolled out of bed and walked towards the bathroom.

They’d had an argument earlier about their sex life and she’d only consented to tonight’s “romp” so she could better prepare to dump him.

She didn’t understand what he expected of her, she wasn’t some kind of slut, she wasn’t going to moan and tell him how good he was when it clearly wasn’t the case.  And really, should she be expected to tell him what she likes?  He should be able to figure that out himself!

She rolled over and waited for him to return, when he did, she was surprised when he turned the bedroom lights on.

“Roger, what the he…” she started to say as she sat up in bed, trying to clutch the sheets to cover herself.  She froze in place halfway through the process just after she noticed Roger pointing a small black box at her.

She tried to move, but nothing happened.  She tried to talk but no sound came out.  In the midst of her struggle to regain control of her body she suddenly felt a strange tingle wash across her.

She managed to look down at her legs and saw the skin start to change, the slight stubble disappeared and a slight tan formed on it.

She watched a small amount of fat on her legs disappear, then she felt the tingling intensify around her chest.  She felt a new weight grow outwards from it as her inflating breasts came in to sight.

The tingling seemed to stop but only for a moment as it started up again, this time focused on her pussy.  In moments it was hard to focus on anything else as whatever was happening intensified, when her fingers brushed her pussy lips a moan escaped her.  She hadn’t even noticed she could move again until her fingers will deep inside of her and by then nothing else mattered.

Roger pressed the record button and leaned down beside Kassandra’s squirming body as she continued to finger herself.

“Kassy is a slut.” he said and released the button.

“Kassy loves to talk dirty in bed.” he said, holding and releasing the button once more.

“Kassy gets pleasure from giving pleasure to her partner.”

“Kassy loves to give blowjobs, handjobs, titty fucks and use her body in any way that brings her partner pleasure.”

Roger pressed the save button and watch Kassy’s body twitch and distend as the orgasm rocked her, saving the new commands deep in to her mind.