Kara looked at the door to door saleswoman and wondered how many men she had expected to find at home in the middle of the day to sell to.

The sales woman had on a tight black miniskirt, an even tighter white top that she had not even managed to button up all the way and the highest stilettos she’d ever seen in person on her feet.

“Not interested, sorry.” she said and started to close the door.

“Please, just give me 5 minutes, I’ve got some of the best cosmetics at the lowest prices.  And you get to choose a free sample as well!”

Kara balked for just a second, trying to figure out if the woman was seriously trying to sell her cosmetics dressed like that.  But a free sample couldn’t hurt so she opened the door again.

“Thanks, I’ve Jessica.”

Fifteen minutes later Jessica had finished her sales pitch and Kara still wasn’t interested.  Jessica had been going on about the new cosmetics company she was working for and how it had changed her life completely.

“So what do you want as your free sample?”

“Oh why not some of that Pink Pout lipstick you were talking about.”

“Sure, here let me apply a coat for you.”

Jessica grabbed the lipstick and twisted the top off, Kara let her apply a coat and as she did so something strange happened.  With each pass of it over her lips she felt as thought she was floating higher and higher above a pink cloud.

By the time Jessica had finished, Kara was staring vapidly up at her.

“There we go, all better now.”  She turned to her large bag and pulled out a strange looking pair of headphones.  She placed them on Kara’s head and Kara giggled slightly.

Jessica pulled out her phone and scrolled though a few pages before selecting something and then set it back down.  Kara heard soothing music coming over the headphones and closed her eyes for a moment.

She opened them again when she felt Jessica unbuttoning her top.  She looked down and blinked a few times, the tops of her small breasts were exposed.

Jessica quickly pulled out a jar of cream and unscrewed the cap.  Taking a large dollop of cream out and rubbed in to to both her Kara’s breasts and a warm wave of pleasure expanded from them as she watch them grow up and out.

Next came a light blush and Kara felt her pussy grow wet with the need for a dick to be in it.

Kara looked up at Jessica unsure what to do.  Jessica placed a hand on the back of Kara’s head and brought a long fake eyelash towards her.  It attached effortlessly and Jessica repeated the process on her other eyelid.

Kara blink a few more times and when she looked back at Jessica she saw how beautiful she was.  Her pussy moistened even more at the thought of licking Jessica’s slit.

Jessica stood up and grabbed her phone again, this time dialing a number.

“Hi, this is Jessica calling in, I have another one ready for advanced processing.  Yes she’s in programming now, she should be ready in 30 minutes or so.”

Jessica hung up and packed her bag before walking out the door, leaving Kara sitting, listening to the music, waiting for whatever might happen next.