Kim was worried about her friend Amy, they’d been BFF’s since she could remember and they’d shared everything growing up.  But a few months ago, when Amy turned 21 and finally got access to her inheritance, things had changed.

And that change had a name, George.

He’d been hitting on Amy for years and they’d laughed about it many times.  Amy wasn’t interested in George, she saw him as a brother.  A weird brother, but none the less, part of the family.

Then all of a sudden, they’re dating and the few times she’d seen Amy the last few months, George was all she could talk about.

Amy had even changed her clothing style, no longer wearing the comfortable t-shirt and jeans she used to and instead a weird “sexy business” style.

There was only one person she could talk to about it and so she’d made an appointment with Charlie to see if he had any idea what was going on.

“Please come in Kim.”  Charlie said as he stood behind his desk.

“Hi Charlie, thanks for seeing me.”

“No problem Kim, please have a seat.  What did you want to talk about?”

“It’s Amy and George.”

“Yes, isn’t it great how happy they are?”

Kim scrunched her forehead and squinted at Charlie, “Yes, I’m sure George is *VERY* happy.”  she said.

“But it’s not like Amy at all.  I’ve hardly seen her and she never had any interest in George before.”

“Well, I guess she has changed a bit in the last little while.  Perhaps she’s matured a bit and seen another side of my son that she didn’t before?”

“Maybe, but I know there’s something going on and I’m going to find out what.”

“Well there’s nothing we can do about it, it’s her choice after all.”

Kim didn’t want to push it, Charlie was George’s father after all, but he didn’t seem to know anything more than she did.

“Well I guess I’ll have to keep digging.” she said as Charlie picked up his cell phone and started tapping on the display.  A second later, just before she was going to get up, she felt a sharpe prick in her bum.

“Ow! What was… ohhh…”

Charlie watch Kim slump back in to the chair as the effects took hold of her.  He set his phone back down and walked around to the front of his desk and looked down at Kim.

Even in the baggy clothes and without any makeup she was a beautiful woman.

“Kim, can you hear me?”


“Very good, now I’ve got a question and your going to answer me truthfully and fully, do you understand?”


“Good, now what are you planning on doing about Amy and George?”

“…going to… break them up…”

“Oh that just won’t do Kim.  No your quite happy they’re together.”

“…happy they’re… together…”

Charlie looked down and brushed a stray strand of hair away from Kim’s face.  He’d known her almost as long as Amy, they’d both been in his office many times.  Kim’s trust fund was much more tightly written and he had not had any access to it before, now a thought occurred to him.

“Kim, listen carefully, everything I’m going to tell you is absolutely true.  You have no doubt about that do you?”


“You’ve known and respected me for many years but recently that’s changed.  Respect has grown in to love, devotion, submission.”

“…love… devotion… submission…”

“But you know an important man like me needs more, he needs a proper trophy wife.”

“…trophy… wife…”

“Yes, you know, more than anything, that’s what you want.  To be my trophy wife.  Always pretty, always submissive, always horny.”

“…pretty …submissive… horny…”

Kim sat in the living room on the edge of an arm of the couch, she’d spend the last several hours getting ready for Charlie’s return home and she didn’t mind he was late again.

She kept her head bowed slightly down waited, a while later she saw the headlights of Charlie’s car splash across the front windows and then the sound of the engine shutdown.

When she heard the front door unlock, she stood up, grasped her hands in front of her and listened to his shoes echo across the tiled floor.

She saw his shoes first and then felt his hand take her head and bring it towards him.  Her lips tingled as they touched his and parted as his tongue pushed between them and explored her mouth.

He groped her breasts through her gown and she moaned.  Eventually he ran his hands up and over her shoulders, pushing her down.

She found his pants zipper and fished his cock out, wrapping her lips around it.  Her body spasmed slightly as the pent up horniness of the day crested and she had a small orgasm.

She was so happy he had allowed her to move in with him, now she just had to prove to him she was the best trophy wife he could ever hope for so she could get a ring on her finger.