“Wh..wh…wha…what did you do!?” Kristen called out to Albert as the empty glass tumbled to the floor.

“Oh don’t worry, it was only one pill honey.”

Kristen quickly unbuttoned her pants and took off her top, she’d heard stories of women getting serious injuries from the changes.

She didn’t managed to get her bra off before it hit her and she collapsed on to the stood.

She felt the warmth spread across her body as everything seemed to tighten just slightly.  Then her scalp and lips became the focal point and she let out a moan as the changes happened.

Albert leaned in as he watched the pill reach her brain.

“See Krissy, that wasn’t so bad.”  he said as he reached down and squeezed her nipple.

“Last night was the last time you will ever say you weren’t in the mood.  From now on you’ll always been in the mood for whatever I might like.  Blowjobs, titty fucks, ramming my cock in to your pussy or ass.  Your just my horny little bimbo now.”

The orgasm washed over Kimmy like a tidal wave, leaving nothing but a horny bimbo behind.