Julia walked up to the club, nervously pulling at the hem of her short white dress and feeling the straps of her small wings dig in to her shoulders.

She hadn’t wanted to come to the “Devils and Angels” night at the club but her girlfriends, Tiffany and Bridgett, had dragged her out saying she had needed to get out and mingle after her breakup.  It wasn’t true, she’d been socializing in the library during her studies and she was just fine, but her protests fell on deaf ears so here she was.

The three of them got up to the bouncer and he gave the three “angels” a once over before nodding and letting them in, “Go over to the coat check ladies to get your party favours.” he said.

Julia walked up to the counter after her friends had received their “party favours” which amounted to a set of fake halos and received hers.

“Hey, don’t you have a halo left?” she said as she inspected the plastic horns she’d been handed.

“Don’t worry about it honey, you look like you could use a little devil to go with that outfit anyway.” the coat check lady said.

She shrugged and put them on, a small tingle ran through her scalp as she did.

The three of them headed out on to the dance floor and moved to the loud thumping base of the club music the DJ was spinning.

“Alright ladies and gentlemen it’s almost midnight, time for the fun to really start!  In 10… 9…” the crowd chanted along with the DJ, counting down to midnight.

At zero, the crowd cheered and then Julia felt a strange sensation coming from the horns on her head, it wasn’t painful, but kind of pleasant and distracting.  So much so she didn’t notice the crowd go quiet.

She looked over at her friends and they seemed to be having the same effect, then she noticed something strange start to happen, Tiffany’s short chestnut hair started to change, grow and lighten.  Bridgett’s honey blonde hair seemed to be doing the same.

She pulled her own hair dark hair in front of her but it was still the same, that’s when she noticed her hand seemed to have a slightly red sheen to it.

She stared at it for a moment and it quickly darkened to a deep blood red.  She looked back to her friends and they now both had long, platinum blonde hair seemed to encircle their heads.  There were other changes as well, their lips were full and plump, their breasts seemed to be larger and their costumes, which had not been modest to start with, had shrunk, exposing even more of their silky smooth skin.

She looked back at her hand and found a black latex glove covering it, she followed it up to blood red shoulder and down to the black corset, latex bra, panties and stockings that now made up her costume.

The moans from Tiffany and Bridgett snapped her out of her shock and she looked over at them just as they collapsed on to their knees, mauling their now large breasts with their legs spread wide apart.

Julia felt the wave of pleasure hit her own mind and heard her own moan escape her lips.  But she didn’t fall to her knees, no she was better than that.  She was a succubus of hell, it would take more than a little pleasure to send her to her knees!

She walked over to Tiffany and Bridgett, her high heels clicking on the dance floor, until she stood between them.

She leaned down and grasped each of their chins in one of her hands and ran her latex gloved thumb over their engorged lips.  Both let own moans and took her thumb in to the mouth and began to suckle on it.

“That’s my good little angels, you belong to me now.  Kiss your Mistress’s feet and be mind forever.”

Bridgett and Tiffany pulled back and with a ‘pop’ and a ‘slurp’ released her thumb from their mouths.  They leaned down and unison and kissed her latex covered feet where they were exposed from the open toe stilettos she wore.

As they continue to kiss and lick her feet, the pleasure continued to build, her entire body was made for pleasure and even something as simple as the two sluts attending to her feet could bring her to orgasm soon enough.

Then she felt it, her tail had been hanging freely, it’s tip curled around at the pleasure, when suddenly she couldn’t move it.  

She looked over her shoulder and saw the man standing there, his hand firmly gripping her tail about half way down.  Here eyes widened as she realized what had happened, she had been soon busy with her new slaves she’d let her defences down.  Any mortal that managed to hold on to a succubus’ tail became their master.

As the orgasm from the ministration of her feet crested she called out the only thought on her mind, “Maaaaasssssttttteeeeerrr!!!!!!!”

Inspired by Julia to Bimbo’s post.