As the frothing nano solution calmed and settled down, Lonnie rose and bundled her new hair back and ringed the solution out of it.

She stretched out and flexed her body, she hadn’t felt this good for almost 40 years when she was in her twenties.  She’d  gone for a few upgrades as well as the de-aging, her breasts had never been anything more than small bumps, but now they were larger and firm.

She looked around the spa, she’d come to the best nano-spa in the country, it was far from civilization and built in to an old stone fort that guaranteed privacy.

She moved towards the exit as a large bang sounded from across the fort, as she turned towards the sound a shower of sparks burst in to the air and the lights from below her flickered.

A second explosion sent a shockwave through the air and the lights in the spa flickered, then glowed brightly before bursting and going completely dark.

As they did Lonnie felt an electric jolt go through the spa and she slipped and fell back in to the nano solution.  A series of small pops and sparks came from the control panel as the solution once more bubbled up in to a froth.

Lonnie tried to stand back up and get out of the spa but found she could no longer move, then like before, she felt the nanites activate.  Unlike last time, they didn’t go to work on her body, instead they went right for her mind, her eyes rolled back in to head as they worked their way in to the deepest parts of her.

The technician walked in to the private spa and saw the customer floating in the calm nano solution, no moving but still breathing slowly.

They’d managed to get the power back up with the secondary generator after the fire in the primary unit but there had been a major power surge when both generators had been active at the same time.

He walked over to the control console and check the log.  The de-aging had completed along with the toning and breast enlargement programs.  It was the last entry that concerned him, it was a mental rebuild. 

With no mental options selected the nano solution would not have had anything to reprogram and would have blank out the clients mind.  The problem was that as no mental option had been requested, no backup had been done of the client before the procedure had started.

He double checked the system but nothing was to be done.  He started up the nano solution again, loading up a simple template to load in to her.

She stood up from the solution and looked around, finally resting her gaze on the technician by the control panel.

“Unit 32987 is active, what is your command.” she said.

“Unit, accept new designation, Lonnie.”

“Unit 32987 accepts new designation Lonnie.”

“Exit the spa and follow me.”

Lonnie walked over to the side of the spa and walked up the stairs and back out in to the warm night air, following the technician in to the fort.